Marvelous results 4/8/19

Marvelous results from Shinkiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, Japan on 4/8/19:

Shota Nakagawa pinned Leo Isaka after a Swanton Bomb.

DASH Chisako won a 3-Way Match over Chikayo Nagashima and Megumi Yabushita when she pinned Yabushita with a Harumaru.

Yuu Yamagata beat Mikoto Shindo with a face lock submission.

Tomoko Watanabe and Mei Hoshizuki beat KAORU and Maria when Hoshizuki pinned Maria.

Hikaru Shida and Takumi Iroha beat Sakura Hirota and Rin Kadokura when Shida pinned Kadokura with a Falcon Arrow.


SHIMMER and STARDOM on FITE 4/5/19; Wolf Retirement Show to air Live; RISE’s next event; Detroit Women’s show

SHIMMER 113 will be broadcast on live FITE on 4/5/19 at 11am EST for $15:

Heart of SHIMMER Champion Dust vs. Samantha Heights is the main event. These two tore the house down at SHIMMER 112 in a star making match for both. Rosemary is banned from the building after repeatedly interfering to help Dust win matches on previous SHIMMER shows.

SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto

Britt Baker vs. Tessa Blanchard

Kris Wolf, Ashley Vox. Delmi Exo, and Solo Daring vs. Charli Evans, Jessica Troy, Zoe Lucas, and Allysin Kay. If Wolf’s team wins, Wolf will get her wolf head Tito back. This will be Wolf’s last match for SHIMMER as she will retire at the end of the month.

Su Yung vs. Shazza McKenzie

Indi Hartwell and Steph De Lander vs. Thunder Rosa and Holidead

Also booked for the show are LuFisto, Shotzi Blackheart, Kris Statlander, Cheerleader Melissa, Leva Bates, Hyan, Veda Scott, and Brittany Blake

STARDOM will be on FITE at 4pm EST on FITE for $10. High Speed Champion Hazuki vs. Dust is the only match announced so far as of this writing. Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki, Kagetsu, and Hana Kimura will no doubt be part of the card as they are also booked for the ROH/NJPW show at Madison Square Garden on 4/6/19.

Pro Wrestling:EVE sold out their 4/13/19 show in London, U.K. with Mercedes Martinez vs. NightShade, Charlie Morgan (if her ankle is healthy) vs. Emi Sakura, and Su Yung vs. Session Moth Martina announced.

EVE also sold out the Kris Wolf retirement show on 4/26/19 in London. EVE co-owner and play by play announcer Dann Read tells me that this show will be broadcast LIVE on EVE On Demand for the $10 a month subscription to the service.

Another EVE show has been announced for 5/11/19

RISE owner Kevin Harvey did a video news report on the RISE Facebook page. He confirmed Rise “Legendary” on 3/29/19 was the last event in the company for Kris Wolf, Britt Baker, and Kylie Rae. Wolf will retire at the end of the month, while Baker and Rae have signed with AEW. Baker is also a legit dentist in Florida.

He said he hopes that Kris Wolf can somehow still be part of RISE in a different capacity depending on her schedule.

The next major RISE event is on 5/17/19 in South Gate, California at the American Legion. It will be a double main event with Cherry Bomb vs. Rosemary in a steel cage, plus new Phoenix of RISE Champion Zoe Lucas vs. Aerial Monroe. He said it may also be broadcast live on FITE.

There will be another Divine Women’s Wrestling show in Riverview, Michigan (a few minutes outside of Detroit) at Rocky’s Pub on 4/12/19 with Champion Jody Threat vs. Detroit’s own Allysin Kay, plus former Sendai Girls Tag Team Champion Heidi Katrina to appear.

Rise: “Legendary” results 3/29/19 live on FITE: A Stellar Night of Surprises, Title Changes, and AEW Women

Rise 13: “Legendary” live on FITE from Berwyn, Illinois at the sold out Eagles Club on 3/29/19:

The show opened with this video.

Regina “Honey” Badger vs. Thunderkitty

Veda Scott and Allysin Kay are the announcers.

Just as Badger and Thunderkitty were about to lock up, Session Moth Martina came out and added herself in to make it a 3-Way Match.

Martina pinned Badger after her twisting springboard codebreaker. Quick match that started off as comedy and then really picked up in pace. Thunderkitty’s gimmick is she claims to be in her 90s and was trained by Mildred Burke.

Charli Evans and Jessica Troy (with Zoe Lucas) vs. Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo in a #1 con. Tag Titles Match

Troy cradled Exo for the pin after Evans hit Exo in the head with a chair. Lucas pulled the referee out of the ring and distracted him as Vox and Exo were about to win.

Delilah Doom (with Rosemary) vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Doom won by disqualification when Blackheart hit her with a chair.

Doom was actually injured early on in the match. Blackheart did two incredibly wicked looking dives on her to the outside. When Doom got back into the ring she was limping badly and could hardly put any weight on her right leg. She was determined to continue the match. She hit a few nice looking German suplexes and a sliding German suplex. She ended up being carried away from ringside after the match by Rosemary and a referee.

Doom tweeted a few hours later thanking everyone for their concern. She must have gone to the hospital because she said X-Rays showed that no bones were broken.

Su Yung and The Legion of Undead Brides (Kimber Lee, Elayna Black, and Hawlee Cromwell) vs. Meat Friends (Kris Wolf, Samantha Heights, Rok-C, and Rocky Radley)

This was Kris Wolf’s final match for RISE as she will retire next month.

Wolf put her prized wolf head Tito on and then she leaped on top of Yung for the pin.

This was a combination hardcore match and comedy match. They started off with serious and fast paced action then Lee used a carrot as a spike on Rok-C. Wolf tried to make the save and chocked Lee with a giant sausage link. Later in the match, Lee dumped out a bag of Brussel Sprouts as a spoof of thumbtacks as weapons. The crowd was really into the match and gave it a standing ovation when it was over.

Heights, Rok-C, and Radley lifted Wolf up on their shoulders and then they all bowed to the crowd.

RISE of The Contender Match for a future Phoenix of RISE Title Match. Rumble rules with two starting off and another person enters every minute and a half:

Aerial Monroe vs. Miranda started things off as #1 and #2.

#3- Charlie Morgan

#4- Ray Lyn

#5- Sophie King

King eliminated by Lyn and Morgan.

Morgan eliminated Lyn.

#6- Priscilla Kelly

#7- Harlow O’ Hara

#8- Allie Kat

Monroe eliminated Kelly.

#9- Sloan

#10- Big Mama

Mama eliminated Sloan and Allie Kat.

Mama eliminated O’Hara.

Mama eliminated Morgan.

#11- Session Moth Martina

Mama eliminated Martina.

#12- Lexie Fyfe

#13- Sonya Strong

#14- AQA

Fyfe eliminated Strong.

#15- Jania Kia

#16- Hyan

Hyan eliminated Fyfe.

AQA eliminated Hyan.

Hyan returned to the ring to attack AQA.

Big Mama eliminated AQA.

#17- Penelope Ford

#18- Jenna Lynn

#19- Laynie Luck

#20- Jenna Van Muscles

Muscles eliminated Luck and Kai.

Big Mama eliminated Lynn.

Mama and Muscles eliminated Ford.

#21- Alex Gracia

Mama and Muscles eliminated Gracia.

#22- Zoe Lucas

Lucas eliminated Muscles.

Monroe eliminated Big Mama to a big pop from the crowd.

#23- Skilled Death Artist #7

Monroe eliminated Skilled Death Artist #7 immediately.

Charli Evans and Jessica Troy came out and attacked Monroe.

#24- Valentina Loca

Lucas eliminated Loca.

#25- Cheerleader Melissa

#26- Breenae (there was no graphic on screen to know the exact spelling of her name)

#27- Indi Hartwell

Hartwell eliminated Melissa.

Lucas eliminated Breenae.

#28- Phoebe

Lucas and Hartwell eliminated Phoebe.

#29- Shazza McKenzie

McKenzie eliminated Hartwell.

#30- FaceBrooke

FaceBrooke eliminated McKenzie. FaceBrooke took off her own mask afterwards to abandon the gimmick in a heel turn.

Monroe eliminated FaceBrooke.

Zoe Lucas won the match. She and Aerial Monroe were fighting on the ring apron and she kicked out the injured leg of Monroe to knock her off the ring and to the floor.

The biggest surprise in the match was Charlie Morgan entering at #3. Morgan is the former Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion who appears at times in NXT U.K. This was her American pro wrestling debut. Several fans knew who she was and chanted her name.

The newcomer by the name of Big Mama got the “Diesel Moment” push by eliminating several people.

Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions Raven’s Ash and Dust (with Rosemary) vs. Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh in a Rosemary’s Rules Match (No DQ)

Havok and Nevaeh won the titles when Nevaeh pinned Dust after spearing everyone into a big piece of plywood set up in the corner of the ring.

Allie came out toward the end of the match as Rosemary was interfering. She acted like she was being controlled by Rosemary again, but then she took off her jacket and revealed that she was back to her old Cherry Bomb name and gimmick. She had a pair of scissors as a weapon and she chased Rosemary away from ringside to the back.

Alisha Edwards vs. Bel Pierce

Edwards got the pin after knocking Piece off the top rope and hitting a DDT. This was a pretty good little match that was actually taped before the live broadcast and inserted in for FITE viewers to watch as the ring crew were taking down the ropes for the main event.

Phoenix of RISE Champion Mercedes Martinez vs. Kylie Rae in a No Rope Submission Match.

Rae won the title by submitting Martinez to the crossface.

After the match, Miranda Alize came out all excited and jumped into Rae’s arms with a hug. She then turned on Rae and attacked her with what looked like a cutter followed by a running knee shot. She mounted Rae and repeatedly punched her in the face.

Mercedes Martinez returned to the ring and pulled Alize off of Rae. She sternly told Alize to stop and leave the ring. Alize seemed intimidated and listened to Martinez.

Zoe Lucas then came out flanked by Charli Evans, Jessica Troy, and FaceBrooke. Lucas said she was told that she could get a title match any time she wants after winning the Contender Match, so she wanted to have the match now.

Zoe Lucas pinned Kylie Rae to win the title in just a few seconds after the scorpion kick.

After the match, Lucas, Troy, Evans, and FaceBrooke beat up on Rae.

Music suddenly played and out came Brandi Rhodes, Britt Baker, and Nyla Rose all wearing the AEW logo t-shirts. They made the save on Rae who is also a member of the AEW roster.

Once they cleared the ring of Lucas, Troy, Evans and FaceBrooke, Rose tried to go after Rae as well. Rhodes and Baker separated them and then Cherry Bomb and Penelope Ford came in as back up to help settle things.

Rae ended up sneaking in a hug on Rose who wasn’t happy but she finally let the situation go.

The crowd chanted “AEW” and “Thank You, Kylie” as the AEW women’s roster celebrated in the ring.

This was a very good show and Rise’s best event to date after several struggles and set backs last year which almost caused them to fold at one point.

Rise:Early To Rise results and notes 3/29/19

Rise mini convention “Early To Rise” from Berwyn, Illinois at the Eagles Club a few hours before tonight’s live show on FITE at 9pm EST. The event was hosted by Alicia Atout.

AEW’s Brandi Rhodes noted last night on Twitter that she would be in Chicago on other business and she hinted at being tonight’s iPPV show. A lot of people in pro wrestling are courting for the attention of Brandi and Cody Rhodes in hopes it leads to big things with AEW.

Earlier in the day, Mercedes Martinez picked Jenna Lynn out of the Prospective Talent Pool to face her on this pre-show in an apparent exhibition match. These seminars have hopefuls pay $100 for training and career advice, and then one or two get chosen to appear on cards. It’s basically pro wrestling’s version of a $100 lottery ticket.

Lynn is from Texas and a regular on various Texas indie shows. She has a lot of spunk and character in her face. She’s shown a lot of progress and potential thus far in her short career with groups like Sabotage Wrestling, Inspire Pro Wrestling, and Ladies Night Out.

There were apparently complications on the Twitch stream, and without notice, they started airing matches live on their Facebook page around 5pm EST.

Phoebe vs. Viva Von Starr (I think that was the name)

Phoebe gets the pin after a powerbomb. It was hard to see as Alicia Atout was filming on what seemed to be a cell phone on a stick. Phoebe is one half of the tag team champions (with Baby D.) in the Texas based Sabotage Wrestling promotion.

Ray Lyn vs. Janai Kai

Lyn got the pin but it was hard to see what the finish was.

Atout is absolutely adorable and charming as the host especially after being thrust into a bad technology situation at the last minute. She noted on Twitter that she will have a big announcement next week. The speculation is she could be headed to AEW or somewhere else as their interviewer.

Josh Shibata joins Atout. He will be the ring announcer for the evening. He works for a few West Coast indie groups and he’s very good at it.

Atout takes us on a roaming tour of the convention and the roster members meeting with the fans. It looked like just about every member of the roster was out there.

Allysin Kay vs. AQA

Kay got the pin in a good little match after the Yokosuka cutter.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Jenna Lynn in an “I’ll Make You Famous Challenge”

Martinez got the pin after the Fisherman Buster. Lynn did her karate kid gimmick and she showed a lot of fire by getting in some offense and even a couple of near falls.

Josh Shibata warned the crowd before the main event of Priscilla Kelly vs. Session Moth Martina. He said if they have kids they may want to leave the room or shield their eyes during the match.

Mercedes Martinez popped out of the curtain and told Atout that Jenna Lynn’s headband has power and she wouldn’t have done that well in the match without it.

Priscilla Kelly vs. Session Moth Martina

Kelly came out to The Smiths classic “How Soon Is Now? as her theme song. Martina came out to her usual club music and dancing entrance.

On paper this definitely could have been a main card match. Kelly will also be in the Rumble match on the iPPV. She was a late addition to the cards last week.

Kelly got the pin after the flying hangman neckbreaker off the rope. A surprisingly good back and forth match with a little bit of comedy mixed in. The only adult content moment was Kelly pulling out a black rose from her trucks and giving it to Martina. Martina smelled it and sold it with the disgusted facial expressions and body language.

Top job to Alicia Atout as the host keeping it together live without missing a step.

Ladies Night Out returns; first STARDOM NYC match; two EVE shows in April; Ice Ribbon

The sublime women’s showcase “Ladies Night Out” returns with their sixth show on 4/27/19 in Texas City, Texas. It will be broadcast live on like usual. Penelope Ford is the first name announced. These shows have quickly gained in popularity and deservedly so. The shows have thus far delivered a top notch in-ring quality making it, at least in our view, the best women’s promotion currently out there in the U.S.

STARDOM announced the first match for their show in Queens, N.Y. on 4/5/19 at 4pm EST live on FITE for $15. High Speed Champion Hazuki will defend against Dust.

Pro Wrestling: EVE will have two shows in April at The Resistance Galley in London, U.K. On 4/13/19, it’s “Bigger Than SHEsus” (I assume a riff on the famous John Lennon quote) with Session Moth Martina vs. Su Yung, Charlie Morgan vs. Emi Sakura, and Mercedes Martinez vs. Nightshade have been announced. On 4/26/19, it will be a bittersweet event as it will be the Kris Wolf retirement show they’re calling “We’re All Gonna Die! TFSISFMTAMOMI aka The Kris Wolf Retirement Show”. The show will be broadcast live on EVE On Demand.

Ice Ribbon line up for Korakuen Hall on 3/31/19 in Tokyo, Japan:

Mikoto Shindo, Ibuki Hoshi, and Asahi vs. Suzu Suzuki, Mei Hoshizuki, and Maria

Tae Honma and Kyuri vs. Satsuki Totoro and Matsuya Uno

Giulia vs. Miyuki Takase

Risa Sera and Akane Fujita vs. Himeka Arita and Kurumi Hiiagi

Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Tin Tin

3-Way Tag Match for #1 con. to the Tag Titles: Hamuko Hoshi and Miyagi Mochi vs. Tequila Saya and Yoshiko vs. Miyako Matsumoto and Makoto

Icex Champion Maya Yukihi vs. Tsukushi