WOW Season 2 Episode 1 Results 9/7/19

WOW on AXS TV results from The Balasco Theatre in Los Angeles, California on 9/7/19:

David McLane opened the show in the ring. WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard came out. She gave a fiery promo and said she was the baddest bitch in the building. The Beast came out to challenge her followed by Jungle Grrrl.

Jungle Grrrl told The Beast not to get ahead of herself because she wanted Blanchard first.

Blanchard was hostile and angry and told McLane to figure out who will face her next. She said she was leaving. Jessicka Havok made her entrance and Blanchard ran back into the ring in a cowardly heel fashion clinging to the title belt. It was wonderfully reminiscent of what her father Tully Blanchard used to do back in the 1980s.

Blanchard said she would face someone “next week” and repeated that McLane would have to figure it out.

McLane decided that The Beast, Jungle Grrrl, and Havok will face off in a #1 con. Elimination Match in tonight’s main event.

Shaul Guerrero is back this season as the ring announcer.

Jessie Jones (aka Jessie Belle Smothers) beat Fire (Kiera Hogan) by armbar submission. Jones has a hat that says “Make Wrasslin’ Great Again”.

They aired a video package bio on Reyna Reyes (aka Gisele Shaw). She is dropping the Azteca name.

They did a really classy and professional historical segment with David McLane talking about Women’s Tag Team Champions from the 1950s up to the late 1980s with the legendary Jumping Bomb Angels vs. The Glamour Girls feud and then WOW’s Tag Team Champions in the early 2000s.

Sassy Massy (aka Alisha Edwards) pinned The Disciplinarian (aka Ivory Robyn) after a sunset flip. The Disciplinarian was accompanied by Samantha Smart like usual.

Massy was excited over the win backstage while The Disciplinarian and Smart were shown on camera in the locker room pouting over the loss.

Fury (aka Harlow O’ Hara) and Razor (with Mezmeriah) beat Reyna Reyes and Princess Aussie in a WOW Tag Team Title Tournament Match. Fury rolled up Reyes and held the tights for the pin after Reyes accidentally kicked Aussie down. The heels cut a gloating promo after and said no other team can stop them. This season will feature the tournament to crown new tag champs as the titles are currently vacant.

Tessa Blanchard came out and once again bullied David McLane. She joined in as guest commentator for the main event.

The Beast vs. Jungle Grrrl vs. Jessicka Havok went to a no-contest when Hazard (aka Nevaeh) ran down and pulled Jungle Grrrl off the top rope as Jungle was going for the big splash. Hazard then entered the ring to attack The Beast as Havok joined in. McLane noted that Hazard is the tag team partner of Havok.

Nevaeh and Havok are known as The Killer Death Machines on the indie circuit and they are the current Tag Team Champions in RISE Wrestling. Nevaeh is also the former Women’s Champion for the Detroit area group CLASH Wrestling.

The Beast managed to get Havok up on her shoulders then Jungle Grrrl gave The Beast a spear during the match.

The next set of WOW TV tapings for AXS TV are 9/18/19 and 9/19/19 back at The Belasco in Los Angeles. Tickets are available here:

We were actually able to see this episode a few weeks ago thanks to AXS TV. We agreed not to post the results until after it officially aired tonight.

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Ice Ribbon Results 9/7/19

Ice Ribbon results from Aomori, Japan (outdoor show) on 9/7/19:

Tsukasa pinned Suzu Suzuki after a missile drop kick.

Giulia and Tequila Saya beat Maya Yukihi and Banny Oikawa when Saya pinned Oikawa with a Tiger Driver.

Maika Ozaki beat Matsuya Uno by backbreaker submission.

Risa Sera, Tequila Saya, and Maya Yukihi beat Tsukasa Fujimoto, Tsukushi, and Ibuki Hoshi when Sera pinned Hoshi after the diving double knee drop.

Thanks to Tomi Yamada for the results.

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RISE And Early To RISE Cards (so far) 11/1/19

RISE has been putting out so much information by the day to promote their 11/1/19 event in Berwyn, Illinois at the Eagles Club it’s hard to keep track of it all.

“Early to RISE” is their mini fan convention that takes place before the main show. There will be two big matches on it in addition to the meet and greet: Tessa Blanchard vs. Jake Atlas, and Mercedes Martinez vs. Jamie Senegal.

Jenna Lynn and Raychell Rose have also been added to Early to RISE with opponents yet to be announced. Both women are regulars on the Texas indie circuit.

This show is a SEPARATE ticket from the main card. Tessa Blanchard will only be on this show and not the main show. It starts at 3pm Chicago time and tickets are available here:

The main card called “La Escalera” starts at 8pm Chicago time. Here is the card as of now:

Phoenix of RISE Champion Big Swole vs. Delilah Doom

Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh vs. a team yet to be announced

Allysin Kay vs. Taya Valkyrie

Cassandro vs. Saraya Knight with Colt Cabana as special guest referee

Rosemary vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Mercedes Martinez and Miranda Alize vs. Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo

Dust and Raven’s Ash vs. Hawlee Cromwell and Elayna Black

The Ladder Match with Laynie Luck, Jake Atlas, Priscilla Kelly, Hyan, and AQA (who won a fan poll) and one more name to be announced. Pin and submission eliminations can take place and the first person to climb the ladder and grab the contract wins. The winner gets a title shot at RISE Legendary 2020 next year.

Candy Lee has also been added to the show as of 9/13/19.

Tickets are available here for La Escalera:

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STARDOM Grand Prix Results 9/7/19: Tournament Rolls On

STARDOM results from Tokyo, Japan at Shinkiba 1st Ring on 9/7/19 with the 5-Star Grand Prix Tournament continuing:

Konami won a 5-Way Match over Saya Iida, Rina, Andras Miyagi, and Saya Kamitani by pinning Iida after a buzzsaw kick.

Saki Kashima, Riho, and Starlight Kid beat Utami Hayashishita, Leo Onozaki, and Hina when Kid pinned Hina.

Hazuki pinned Natsu Sumire after a brainbuster in a Red Stars Block Match for 2 points.

Hana Kimura beat Avary by submission in Red Stars Block Match for 2 points.

Momo Watanabe beat AZM with the crossface chicken wing submission for 2 points in a Red Stars Block Match.

Kagetsu pinned Jamie Hayter after a DVD in a Blue Stars Block Match for 2 points.

Jungle Kyona pinned Natsuko Tora after the Hammer Throw Powerbomb for 2 points in a Blue Stars Block Match.

Mayu Iwatani pinned Tam Nakano with a Dragon Suplex in a Red Stars Block Match for 2 points.

Arisa Hoshiki pinned Bea Priestley after a running double knee attack in a Blue Stars Block Match for 2 points.

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Ring Of Honor “Global Wars Espectacular” Results 9/6/19: Alex Shelley Appears

Ring of Honor “Global Wars Espectacular” results from Dearborn, Michigan, United States of America at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center:

Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, and Colt Cabana are the announcers broadcasting live on Honor Club and FITE

Dak Draper pinned The Haitian Sensation after a forward rolling slam in a Top Prospects Tournament semifinal match.

Silas Young and Josh Woods beat Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas when Woods pinned Milonas with a roll up as The Kingdom came out to watch and it distracted Milonas. Young, Woods, Bruiser, and Milonas all showed respect and celebrated after.

Rush pinned Triton after the Bull’s Horns dropkick it a fairly quick TV type squash match to continue to showcase him.

Mark Haskins came out and cut a promo saying he wasn’t scheduled for the show but he’s there with his gear if anyone else was ready. Rhett Titus came out and accepted the match.

Haskins got the win with a modified Sharpshooter for the submission.

Taped promo with The Briscoes was shown.

Angelina Love and Mandy Leon came out to the ring. Love complained that she hasn’t officially been given a title shot and will take matters into her own hands. She demanded that WOH Champion Kelly Klein come out.

Klein came out with the title and said they could do the match here. Love acted offended and said she wouldn’t have a match in a trashy city like Detroit. She said they’ll do it at the pay-per-view on 9/27/19 in Las Vegas.

Love and Leon went to leave the ring and Klein called them cowards. Love came back in and asked to shake hands. Klein was reluctant and Love said she had to shake because Klein always claims to be living up to the Code of Honor.

Of course Leon jumped Klein and Love joined in on the beat down. Love arrogantly held up the title.

Sumie Sakai ran in and briefly made the save until Love cut her down.

Jenny Rose then ran in to help the faces and Love and Leon bailed out.

ROH TV Champion Shane Taylor was introduced to the crowd as guest commentator for the next match.

Kenny King (with Amy Rose) won a 3-Way Match over Jeff Cobb and Tracy Williams when he pinned Williams. Williams was about to pin Cobb after a piledriver but Flip Gordon ran down and pulled Williams off him from outside of the ring.

Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham beat Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry when Gresham pinned Castle after the combination cutter.

Dalton did not like having Hendry as a partner and started bossing him around. He then tossed Hendry over the rope and out of the ring. Later, Castle accidentally collided with Hendry into the corner to lead to the finish. They bickered with each other to the back after the match.

Marty Scurll, Brody King, PCO, and Flip Gordon beat Cavernario, Rey Bucanero, Hechicero, and Okumura when King pinned Okumura after a double team with Scurll.

Volador Jr. and Stuka Jr. beat Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia when Volador Jr. pinned Marseglia after a Spanish Fly as Stuka Jr. took Taven out on the outside with a torpedo splash.

A man in a mask came to the ring and unmasked. It was Alex Shelley and he received a big “Welcome Home” chant. He said he has two homes with ROH and Detroit. He said he’s a free agent. He ran down a list of guys we wants to wrestle. He said TNA treated Mark Haskins like crap. Cabana snickered on commentary and said “He wasn’t the only one”.

Jonathan Gresham came to the ring. He said Shelley dropped the ball and was disappointing now by boring people with speeches. He left the ring and Shelley told him if he would have waited a few seconds he would have mentioned his name first. He called Gresham “Pus” saying it’s short for Octopus.

Shelley continued his speech and then challenged him to a match for 10/12/19 in New Orleans.

PJ Black joined in on commentary for the main event.

Bandido (with Mark Haskins) pinned Jay Briscoe (with Mark Briscoe) with the Rebound German Suplex. Bandido previously kicked out of the Jay Driller. Briscoe kicked out of a fall away slam moonsault off the ropes.

After the match, Matt Taven came in and hit both guys with the ROH World Title. Rush came up behind Taven and knocked him down. He then tried to give him the Bull’s Horns but Taven escaped the ring.

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