Fierce Females results 4/14/19

Fierce Females results from Glasgow, Scotland at The Shed on 4/14/19:

There were changes made to the card due to Mercedes Martinez, Jamie Hayter, and Session Moth Martina being unable to get to the show from London.

GM Leah Owens came out and said there would be a round robin tournament with Raven Creed, Valkyrie, and Ashley Vega. The winner gets a title shot at the 9/1/19 show.

Ashley Vega beat Valkyrie in a tournament match.

Ivy beat Roxxy after interference from Ruby Radley.

Anastasia beat Ruby Radley as Roxxy stopped Ivy from interfering in the match.

Raven Creed beat Ashley Vega in a tournament match.

Emily Hayden beat Amy Allonsy.

Internet Champion Debbie Keitel beat Angel Hayze.

Valkyrie beat Raven Creed in a tournament match.

Valkyrie, Creed, and Vega are all tied in the tournament with a win each.

Scottish Women’s Champion Jayla Dark beat Jokey after interference from Raven Creed and Debbie Keitel.

Thanks to Jonathan Crombley for the results.

The group officially launched an on demand site today