Impact Wrestling “Deep Impact” on Twitch results 7/6/19

Impact Wrestling and Reality of Wrestling from Texas City, Texas at Booker T’s World Gym Arena on 7/6/19 and live on Twitch:

Josh Mathews, Scott D’Amore, and Brad Gilmore are the announcers.

Jordynne Grace vs. Alex Gracia

Grace got the pin with the Grace Driver.

Gracia goes for a couple waist locks at the start but Grace spins her off both times. A couple of quick cradles by Gracia but Grace powers out.

Gracia runs the ropes and Grace hits the pounce.

Grace gives her an electric chair face plant outside on the apron.

Grace with a delayed suplex and a Giant Swing in the ring.

Gracia hits a flying crossbody off the top rope followed by a hurricanrana and a 619.

Grace with a spinbuster.

They’re pushing this show as Impact vs. ROW. The announcers are in a friendly rivalry and said will keep score of the wins and losses for both sides.

Jonathan Vega and Diego De La Cruz vs. Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz (with Trey Miguel)

La Familia got the win after a double team finisher on Xavier for the pin.

Moose vs. Mysterious Q.

Moose got the pin after a hot shot and the spear. Q. was able to hit his cutter finish after Moose flew off the ropes but Moose kicked out.

12-man Scramble for the ROW TV Title: ROW TV Champion Ayden Cristiano, Cameron Cole, Bryan Keith, Will Allday, Brenden Steen, Isaiah, Josh Alexander, Jake Crist, Dave Crist, Ethan Page, Mad Man Fulton, Willie Mack

It starts as a battle royal then the final two meet in a one and one match.

Keith eliminated first.

Cristiano and Page eliminated at the same time so there will be a new champion.

Fulton eliminated by everyone.

Jake and Dave Crist eliminated.

Isaiah eliminated.

Cole eliminated.

Mack eliminated by Allday.

Allday was immediately eliminated by Steen.

Josh Alexander vs. Brenden Steen

Steen pinned Alexander to become the new champion after a jackknife pin.

Sami Callihan vs. Terrell Tempo

They went to a double count out and then fought to the back.

Michael Elgin vs. ROW Texas Champion Moonshine Mantell in a non title match

Elgin got the pin after The North came down to ringside to distract the referee and Elgin used the ROW Texas Title as a weapon.

Gino vs. Eddie Edwards

Gino pinned Edwards after catching him and snapping him between the ropes.

Diamond Division Champion AQA vs. Hyan vs. Su Yung (with Jessicka Havok) vs. Tessa Blanchard in a non title match

Blanchard pinned Hyan after The Magnum.

They were tossing each other all over the place with a lot of quick action. AQA did a big dive off the top rope on everyone on the ground during the match. She held the belt high and stared Blanchard down after.

ROW Tag Team Champions Fly Def (Zack Zilla and Warren J.) vs. LAX in a non title match

Fly Def get the win after Moonshine Mantell interfered with a chair allowing Fly Def to hit a double team for the pin.

ROW Champion Ryan Davidson vs. X-Division Champion Ryan Davidson in a winner take all match

It ended in a no-contest when suddenly Callihan and Tempo brawled toward the ring to continue their brawl from earlier and then both of the rosters ran out to fight with each other.

They were all fighting in and out of the ring and Mathews said the match was “thrown out” by the referee.

ROW is owned by Booker T. but he did not appear on the show. The announcers did mention his name several times during the broadcast.

Impact Wrestling and House of Hardcore results 6/9/19 on Twitch

Impact Wrestling and House of Hardcore from Long Island, New York live on Twitch at The Sports Arena on 6/9/19.

Josh Mathews and Scott D’Amore are the broadcast team.

Gio vs. Wrecking Ball

Gio got the pin after a running powerbomb out of the corner. Scott said it was only Gio’s fifth match.

Trey Miguel vs. Clayton Gainz (with one of the Double D Duprees) vs. Jay XT vs. Bull James

Trey pinned Gainz.

Joey Ryan vs. Little Guido Maritato

Ryan pinned Guido after Sweet Tooth Music.

This was a straight up wrestling match mostly. At one point Ryan slammed Guido and told the crowd he was taking requests and asked them what move they wanted to him do. Several chanted for a moonsault so he did one from the second rope but missed. He did the YouPorn Plex during the match but Guido kicked out.

Michael Elgin vs. Luchasaurus

Elgin got the pin after a buckle bomb and a power bomb.

Lots of hard hitting exchanges of strikes then Luchasaurus did a standing moonsault.

The audio just went out totally.

Elgin with a off the shoulder powerslam as he caught Luchasaurus on the ropes but Lucha kicked out.

Lucha delivers some knockout style kicks but they don’t knock Elgin out.

Elgin struggles to lift Lucha up for a German Suplex a few times then finally gets it for a two count.

Lucha uses his legs and drives Elgin face first into the mat the mat and kicks kicks him in the chest for a near fall.

Lucha with a choke slam but Elgin kicks out.

Lucha tried to go high risk but Elgin moved however Lucha landed on his feet.

They tried to go for a tombstone on each other but each slipped away.

Elgin with two big lariats but Lucha kicked out.

Dave Crist and Jake Crist vs. Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz

The sound is back. Mathews joked that fans missed their great commentary during the last match and he was like Gordon Solie. Scott joked that they were award winning commentary.

Wentz got the pin for the win. Mad Man Fulton then ran in and choke slammed Wentz and Xavier after and The Crists helped him in the attack. Ace Romero made the save.

Ace Romero vs. Mad Man Fulton

The Crists interfered at the start then Xavier and Wentz dragged them to the back.

Fulton won by ref stoppage.

It was a bad situation as Fulton was up on the ropes and Romero rushed him. It looked like Fulton tried to come off with a leap frog but he couldn’t fully jump over Romero and he caught Romero with a boot to the temple.

Ace collapsed. Kid Ref went over to check on him and held up the X-Sign. Jimmy Jacobs and another referee came out to check on Romero. Kid Ref shook his head “no” and called for the bell. He raised Fulton’s hand but the ring announcer said it was a no-contest. Scott said Fulton did win the match.

They went to intermission but Mathews and Scott were shown on camera to keep things on Twitch live. They ran down upcoming events. Mathews said the July 7 pay-per-view will not be on Impact Plus. It will be on FITE and regular ppv.

Scott put over the future of Impact and said they’re still here and not going anywhere. He said they’re getting bigger and better.

Tommy Dreamer came out and told them that Ace Romero is fine and the doctor was with him. He said Romero knows the date and where he is. He confirmed that Fulton’s boot caught him in the head and the match couldn’t continue as a precaution.

Teddy Hart vs. Rich Swann

Scott said Teddy makes his own outfits and makes them for other people including Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Swann got the pin after a series of cradle reversals.

This was an excellent match that got a standing ovation from the crowd and chants of “This Is Awesome!” and “Both These Guys!”

They started with top rope offense on each other for near falls with Hart getting in a moonsault and Swann hitting a 450 Splash.

Hart gave Swann a Canadian Destroyer on the apron and sent him to the floor.

Swann his foot and choked Hart in the corner of the ring but somehow Hart leapt up and wrapped his legs around Swann’s legs and turned it into a knee bar.

Hart power bombed Swann onto his knees.

Hart showed respect and raised Swann’s hand in victory after.

Willie Mack vs. Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

Mack pinned Callihan after the 6-Star Frog Splash.

This was good. It started with fast paced high flying stuff in the ring then turned into a brawl on the outside and back to fast paced stuff when they went back to the ring.

Callihan tried to give a piledriver to Mack but Edwards leaped over Mack and hit Callihan in the face with the Boston Knee Party.

Mack gave both of them a series of stunners before the finish.

Billy Gunn, Jordynne Grace and Tommy Dreamer vs. Johnny Impact, Taya Valkyrie, and Moose (with John E. Bravo)

Melissa Santos was guest ring announcer.

Gunn pinned Impact after the famouser after Bravo interference backfired.

This was a comedy match. Grace wanted to take Moose on and she wasn’t afraid. He pulled her by her hair and drove her to the mat.

Tommy Dreamer got in the ring and gave Moose the Dusty Rhodes/Big Joe Turner “flip, flop, and fly” which allowed Grace to give Moose a suplex.

The babyfaces did an old school routine with each tagging in and out to take turns working on Moose’s arm in their corner. Dreamer acted like he was going to come off the top rope but stepped down to the bottom rope and came off with an axe handle.

Valkyrie, Impact, and Moose were all sent into each other’s crotch.

Impact Wrestling and HOH results 6/8/19 on Impact Plus

Impact Wrestling and House of Hardcore from 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania live on Impact Plus.

They had a pre-show hosted by Kid Ref on Twitch. He briefly spoke to Melissa Santos and Tommy Dreamer. Santos said she will be the ring announcer.

Blue Meanie is there. He said he only lives a few minutes away.

Sami Callihan intimated Kid Ref then pretended to be his friend as Kid ref look terrified.

Ace Romero vs. Jay XT in a Twitch match

Jake XT got the pin after a hurricanrana off the top rope followed by a flying head butt. This was a fast paced and athletic match. XT even managed to pick up Romero and slam him.

Josh Mathews and Scott D’Amore are the broadcast team. Don Callis will be working color for the New Japan show later tonight.

They did a 10-Bell Salute to long time pro wrestling photographer Lyle C. Williams who passed away.

Zachary Wentz, Trey Miguel, and Dezmond Xavier vs. Mad Man Fulton, Jake Crist, and Dave Crist

The Rascalz got the win.

D’Amore said Melina and Blue Meanie and “and other legends” are there. I believe Scott Hall is there too.

Moose vs. Luchasaurus

The same Moose finish like usual on these types of Impact I-shows. He shoved Luchasaurus into the ref then gave Lucha a kick to the groin while the ref was dazed and hit the spear for the pin.

Little Guido Maritato vs. Clayton Gainz (with The Double D Duprees)

Maritato got the pin after the kamikaze.

This was a good technical wrestling match overall. Guido at one point did repeatedly smother his face into the cleavage of both Duprees on the outside. Gainz clearly didn’t connect with a big kick from behind at one point and then did it over as the crowd chanted “You Fucked Up!” Lots of hard chops from Guido.

Knockout Champion Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo) vs. Jordynne Grace

Valkyrie got the pin after Bravo pulled the referee out of the ring and hit Grace in the head with a chair.

This was a really good wild brawl of match. Bravo pulled Grace off the ring early on to allow Valkyrie to gain control on the outside.

Grace hit a senton then did a dive to the outside. When they were back in the ring they ran the ropes and Valkyrie hit a spear.

Grace hit a Vader Bomb then scooped Taya up and delivered the Grace Driver but Bravo pulled the ref out for the finish.

House of Hardcore TV Champion Willie Mack vs. Rich Swann vs. Teddy Hart

Mack pinned Hart after the 6-Star Splash after Swann was taken out by Super Canadian Destroyer.

Lots of dives and high risk moves as one would expect from all three. Hart was dropped off the apron by a cutter from Swann and then Swann and Mack traded hard hitting shots in the ring.

Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards in a Philly Street Fight

Callihan rolled up Edwards for the pin and held the tights.

Mad Man Fulton ran in and slammed Edwards then Sandman came in and chased him to the back. Edwards went after Callihan with the kendo stick but got caught with the roll up and pin.

They immediately took turns driving each other into the big plywood boards set up in the ring at the start and took the action outside the ring.

They used a metal sheet, the ring bell, a chair, and a trash can as weapons on the outside.

Callihan charged around ringside to rush Edwards but Edwards threw a table at right at him.

Edwards gave Blue Thunder Bomb through plywood set up between to chairs in the ring during the match.

Joey Ryan vs. Billy Gunn

The match never happened. D-Lo Brown came out to the ring and said Gunn wasn’t there. (Mathews said Gunn had travel problems). Brown said the match would be rescheduled for another time.

Brown wanted to shake Ryan’s hand but of course Ryan tried to yank Brown’s hand to his crotch. Brown briefly fought him off. Ryan was eventually able to get Brown to touch his crotch and YouPorn Plexed him out of the ring.

The Great Muta and Tommy Dreamer vs. Michael Elgin and Johnny Impact (with Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo)

Muta pinned Impact after the Shining Wizard.

This was a chaotic scene with a long delay because there was a fan causing problems and it even distracted the wrestlers. Tommy Dreamer got on the mic and calmly, but sternly, told the crowd to chill out and have some respect or else he’d have Sandman come after them. It didn’t work. The fan was ejected a few minutes later and the crowd gave him the “goodbye” chant.

Bravo tried to get involved but Dreamer gave him a DDT.

Dreamer gave Impact a DVD from the apron onto Elgin who was laid out on a table below.

Dreamer was going to give Impact another one in the ring but Valkyrie gave him a low blow.

Muta sprayed the red and green mist at Impact and Elgin. Dreamer sprayed Valkyrie with some sort of clear mist and gave her a cutter.

After the match Dreamer got on the mic and said he didn’t want to go to WWF when he first started. He wanted to be in All Japan or New Japan. He said Muta, Sting, and Dusty Rhodes were his heroes. He said it was an honor to tag with Muta and he is welcome in HOH. Muta chose not to take the mic to speak. Dreamer said he just wanted Muta to know how loved he is in America.

Impact Wrestling’s “Code Red” results 5/5/19

Impact Wrestling and House of Glory “Code Red” results live on Impact Plus from Queen’s, N.Y. at NYC Arena.

Josh Mathews and Matt Stryker hosted a live pre-show on Twitch.

Mathews said he was actually the first voice that people heard when the WWE Network launched and now he will be the voice of the first live Impact Plus show.

Mathews said the reason why the show is called Code Red is because Amazing Red was supposed to be on the it vs. Rich Swann. Red retired and wasn’t able to make it to the show. Stryker said wrestlers have probably stolen more moves from Amazing Red than anyone else because he was such an innovator.

Stryker will be the backstage interviewer for the show and Don Callis is the color commentator.

Mathews is always very honest on these shows. They were supposed to have a Twitch pre-show match before the 8 pm main card. He kept asking people around him at 7:50 pm why the match hasn’t started yet and nobody knew what was going on. They had to stretch for time until 8 pm.

Rich Swann won a scramble match over Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, Smiley, Evander James, and Mantequllia with a 450 splash on James.

Moose vs. Ken Broadway vs. Anthony Gangone

Gangone got the pin on Broadway. Moose just left the match for seemingly no reason at all and walked to the back toward the end of it.

Josh Alexander and Ethan Page vs. Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz

Alexander pinned Xavier after the tornado of the north double team finisher. It looked like Xavier had the match almost won but Page pulled the referee out of the ring. Page then gave a huge slam to Wentz on the ring apron leaving Xavier by himself in the match.

Backstage, Stryker interviewed Michael Elgin. Elgin calmly bragged about putting Brian Cage and Pentagon Jr. in the hospital and said he’d try to do the same to Willie Mack.

Tessa Blanchard and Violette vs. Sonya Strong and Scarlett Bordeaux

Blanchard pinned Strong after the Buzzsaw DDT. Bordeaux and Violette disappeared towards the end of the match on the floor and left things one on one. Bordeaux did her dive to the outside on everyone during the match and managed to give Blanchard a Canadian Destroyer and a powerbomb.

The ropes look really loose.

Melissa Santos interviewed Willie Mack backstage. He said he won’t be intimidated by Elgin.

Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack

Elgin got the pin after a buckle bomb and powerbomb. Several high impact moves with a few X-Division spots mixed in.

After the match, Elgin grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off one of a the turnbuckles. The referee tried to stop him from doing more damage to Mack but Elgin slapped him down. He tried to give Mack a buckle bomb but Mack slingshot him into the exposed buckle then gave him the stunner.

Mathews gave a list of so many events coming up this summer between Impact Plus, TV tapings, Twitch Specials, and regular pay-per-view, I couldn’t keep up with it all. They’re doing a free Twitch event on July 6.

Stryker did a backstage interview with Impact and Valkyrie but the sound was bad and I couldn’t hear most of it. They made fun of the Boston accents of Eddie and Alisha Edwards.

Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie (with Johnny Bravo) vs. Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards

Impact pinned Alisha after Valkyrie hit Alisha in the head with the X-Division red X prop. Alisha was about to pin Impact after a DDT but Bravo pulled the ref out then Eddie went outside the ring after him and Impact.

LAX vs. Dave Crist and Jake Crist vs. Chris Seaton and Smoothe Blackmon

LAX won over the Crist Brothers but there were some buffering issues and I didn’t see the finish. It definitely looked like one of the Crist Brothers injured his ankle in the match.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Sami Callihan in OVE Rules

Callihan got the pin after pile driving Dreamer through a table set up on an angle in the corner of the ring. Don Callis left the announcer desk to go check on Dreamer as the show went off the air.

The quality of this show was on the same house show level that they have been doing with the free Twitch broadcasts.

Impact Wrestling live event streaming tonight

Coming off the buzz of their excellent big pay-pay-view last Sunday, Impact is back tonight at 8 pm EST with a live special “Code Red” on their revamped streaming service now called Impact Plus.

I downloaded the app this morning. It looks good and seems easy to navigate so far. The cost is $8 a month, but there is a free month trial for first time subscribers. I didn’t see it on the app version but the website does show the offer.

I believe this is their first attempt at a live broadcast on the service. They already announced another special that will air on it on 6/8/19 from Philadelphia with The Great Muta booked for the show.

Fans are hoping that they will eventually broadcast their big ppvs as part of the deal because they’re currently the most expensive in the game at $40 on FITE and traditional cable.

Tonight’s show in Queens, N.Y. looks like a solid card line up. It is in partnership with the House of Glory indie group out of New York.

Sami Callihan vs. Tommy Dreamer in OVE Rules

Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie vs. Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards

Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack (could be a great match)

Santana and Ortiz vs. Jake and Dave Crist vs. Chris Seaton and Smoothe Blackmon

Rich Swann vs. Ace Austin vs. Trey Miguel vs. Smiley vs. Evander James vs. Mantequilla

Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz vs. Josh Alexander and Ethan Page

Tessa Blanchard and Violette vs. Scarlett Bordeaux and Sonya Strong (Violette and Strong are regulars for HOG and WWR on the east coast.)

Moose vs. Ken Broadway


Big Weekend of Events: EVE, LNO6,The Crockett Cup, and Impact all live

Here is a rundown of a huge weekend of events coming this weekend from Texas to London and the streaming services that they will air on LIVE across the world.

Pro-Wrestling:EVE will give Kris Wolf her big retirement send off live on EVE On Demand from The Resistance Gallery in London, U.K. at 3pm EST on 4/26/19. EVE Champion Kay Lee Ray will defend against Nina Samuels. The rest of the evening will be an event of surprise matches as Wolf herself is booking the show. The show is sold out but you can watch it here:

Ladies Night Out 6 will be live on Title Match Network on 4/27/19 at 8:30pm EST from Texas City, Texas at World Gym Arena. Kylie Rae will have an open challenge match, Jordynne Grace vs. Penelope Ford, Su Yung vs. Laynie Luck in a No DQ Match, Kiera Hogan vs. Robyn Reid, Christi Jaynes vs. Allie Recks. Plus- Rok-C, Harlow O’ Hara, Miranda Alize, and Raychell Rose are also announced. You can watch it here: Tickets for the live event are here:

The Crockett Cup takes place on 4/27/19 from Concord, N.C. at Cabarrus Arena and Events Center live on FITE at 7pm EST. There was breaking news within the last 24 hours as NWA Women’s Champion Jazz announced that she is vacating the title due to medical issues. Allysin Kay will face Santana Garrett for the now vacant title. NWA World Champion Nick Aldis vs. Marty Scrull, NWA National Champion Willie Mack vs. Colt Cabana, plus the Crockett Cup Tournament with The Rock and Rock Roll Express vs. The Briscoes, Brody King and PCO vs. Kojima and Nagata, Flip Gordon and Bandido vs. Maya Jr. and Stuka, Jax and Crimson vs. a wild card team. Plus- Jim Cornette, The Midnight Express, and legendary referee Tommy Young as special guests. Order on FITE here:

Impact Wrestling has their pay-per-view on 4/28/19 live on FITE from Toronto, Canada at the Rebel Entertainment Complex. Impact World Champion Johnny Impact vs. Brian Cage with Lance Storm as guest referee, X-Division Champion Rich Swann vs. Sami Callihan, Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie vs. Jordynne Grace, Tag Team Champions Pentagon Jr. and Fenix vs. LAX in Full Metal Mayhem, and Gail Kim coming out of retirement to face Tessa Blanchard. Order it here: