Impact Wrestling Results 10/26/19

Impact Wrestling TV tapings results from the second night in Windsor, Ontario, Canada at St. Clair College on 10/26/19:

The shows will air on AXS TV in the coming weeks starting on 10/29/19 at 8pm EST.

Fallah Bahh beat Jake Crist.

El Revserso beat Tyler Tirva.

Sami Callihan and Mad Man Fulton beat Tessa Blanchard and Rich Swann. Brain Cage came out and attacked Callihan.

Trey won a 6-Way Match over Willie Mack, Ace Romero, Petey Williams, Aiden Price, Brent Banks, and Rohit Raju.

Madison Rayne beat Alexia Nicole.

Impact Tag Team Champions The North beat Naomichi Marufuji.

Jessicka Havok won a squash.

Jordynne Grace beat Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo in a handicap match by pinning Bravo.

The Rascalz won a 4-Way Tag Team Match over The Deaners, The Desi Hit Squad, and Reno Scum.

Ken Shamrock beat Joey Ryan by ankle lock submission. Ryan did manage to YouPorn Plex Shamrock. Shamrock got mad, gave him a couple clotheslines, and then locked in the submission hold.

Tessa Blanchard won a #1 con. Gauntlet Match over Daga, Moose, Rich Swann, Michael Elgin, and Brian Cage by eliminating Cage last.


Impact Wrestling TV Tapings Results 10/25/19

Impact Wrestling TV tapings results from Windsor, Ontario, Canada at St. Clair College on 10/25/19:

These are the first official tapings for their debut on AXS TV on Tuesday night at 8pm EST.

Sami Callihan beat Impact World Champion Brain Cage to win the title in a steel cage match. Tessa Blanchard entered the cage after the match and stared Callihan down. He taunted her with the belt then walked past her and left the cage.

Rosemary, Jordynne Grace, and Alexia Nicole beat Taya Valkyrie, Madison Rayne, and Keira Hogan.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack beat The Desi Hit Squad.

Daga beat Jake Crist.

El Reverso, Aiden Price, and Brent Banks beat Johnny Swinger and Reno Scum.

Naomichi Marufuji beat Josh Alexander.

Ace Austin pinned Eddie Edwards in a Street Fight after a blockbuster through a table in the ring.

Michael Elgin beat Fallah Bahh.

Ken Shamrock out to make an announcement about his future but he was interrupted by Joey Ryan. They will face each other at the tapings on 10/26.

Petey Williams beat Gandar Singh. The referee was the gentleman who has no legs. A local Windsor news station did a story about him over the summer training at Scott D’Amore’s Can-Am Wrestling School. Singh attacked him after the match but Williams made the save. The referee gave Singh a top rope splash.

Taya Valkyrie beat Madison Rayne with an assist from John E. Bravo. Jordynne Grace tried to go after Valkyrie after but Valkyrie used Bravo as a defense weapon and Grace beat him up.

Moose beat Willie Mack.

Tessa Blanchard, Daga, Tommy Dreamer, and Rich Swann beat OVE in a Street Fight.

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Impact Wrestling “Operation: Override” Results on 9/13/19

Impact Wrestling and World Class Revolution Pro Wrestling’s “Operation: Override” results from Lawton, Oklahoma at the Comanche County Fairgrounds and live on Twitch on 9/13/19:

Damon Windsor vs. Retro Randy Price vs. Double D vs. Prince Mahalli

This was a pre-show match and The North were guest commentators for it.

It started off as a 3-Way then Mahalli joined in after a couple of minutes to make it a 4-Way.

Retro Randy got the pin on Double D after a jumping DDT.

Josh Mathews and Scott D’Amore are announcers.

TJP vs. Rohit Raju

They mentioned the move to AXS TV and plugged Chris Jericho’s podcast with Don Callis and D’Amore as the guests this week talking about the news of going to the network.

TJP got the pin on after the detonation kick.

Moose vs. Hawk 

Moose got the pin after a top rope hot shot and the spear. Hawk got some some stuff in including a top rope tomahawk chop, a tornado DDT, and a cutter.

After the match, Moose cut a promo. Stephan Bonnar came out and tackled him and put him in an armbar. They will face each other tomorrow night on the Impact Plus show.

Shera vs. Flex Zerba

Shera got the pin in a fairly quick match after the Sky High.

Kiera Hogan and Desi Derata vs. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie 

Hogan was on the phone talking to someone before the match to stall. She said it was Madison Rayne who has appointed herself the locker room leader.

Derata is the sister of Hawk who faced Moose earlier.

Rosemary pinned Derata after Hogan turned on Derata for accidentally colliding into her. Valkyrie then speared Hogan out of the ring.

World Class Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. MVP

MVP won by DQ after several minutes of action when Chavo hit him in the face with the title belt. The announcers said there will be a rematch tomorrow on the Impact Plus show.

There have been several video promos announcing the move to AXS TV in October but no exact date or time is given.

I flipped over to AXS at 9pm for “AXS TV Fights” and they announced officially on the air that tonight is the last show.

The North vs. The Step Brothers

The North gets the pin.

Michael Elgin vs. Fuego Del Sol

Elgin got the pin after a buckle bomb and the Elgin Bomb. Del Sol got in a lot of his high flying Lucha moves and a couple of near falls on Elgin. He’s a popular indie star in Oklahoma and Texas.

Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards in a Street Fight

Edwards got the win after countering Callahan’s piledriver attempt into a pin fall.

After the match, Callihan beat on Edwards but Brian Cage made the save and gave him an F5.

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Impact Wrestling Owner Takes Control Of AXS TV

Anthem Sports and Entertainment announced today that they have purchased a majority interest in HDNet LLC which is the parent company of AXS TV and HDNet Movies. Mark Cuban and AEG Entertainment will remain on as equity partners.

Actor, producer, and TV host Steve Harvey will also have a seat on Anthem’s Board of Directors. He will have input on content development.

Anthem is the parent company of Impact Wrestling. The Impact TV show will eventually move from Pursuit to AXS TV as part of the new deal.

Everyone is asking what will happen to NJPW and WOW on AXS TV with the changing landscape. One would assume that the current contracts will still be honored but things could obviously change when it’s time for renewal or any future plans for a schedule line up overall. There had been talk that Anthem wanted to turn a US TV network into a similar format like their Fight Network station in Canada.

Currently AXS TV has NJPW as its “flagship” pro wrestling show, while WOW airs in seasons. Anthem obviously sees Impact Wrestling as its main wrestling show.

Impact Wrestling has become a weak brand. The last few weeks they haven’t been able to draw 4,000 people on the Twitch simulcast version of their weekly Friday show. Pursuit will not release weekly ratings numbers and it is not available on most cable outlets.

Impact Wrestling Co-Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore continues to hire in his long time friends behind the scenes and in front of the camera on Anthem’s payroll. John E. Bravo, D-Lo Brown, Jimmy Jacobs, Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, RVD, Johnny Swinger, Chris Sabin, Cody Deaner, and Gail Kim all worked with D’Amore at various times over the decades for his Border City Wrestling group out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Each week Impact airs an average of four matches while the rest of the two hours consists of B-Movie level quality wrap around segments that look like Cinemax horror, action, and comedy from the 1990s. It’s as if they were written by teenagers for teenagers but guys like Tommy Dreamer, Konnan, and Jimmy Jacobs are actually part of the creative team.

Sami Callihan has been pushed as the top heel by squashing people like Tessa Blanchard, Tommy Dreamer, and Melissa Santos. Impact Wrestling World Champion Brain Cage hasn’t been 100% due to back issues.

Impact is also currently in the midst of a bitter contract dispute with Killer Kross who wants to be released from the company. They won’t let him go because they know he could potentially be a big star elsewhere.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Kiera Hogan DID Happen at Impact Wrestling

Tenille Dashwood did debut for Impact Wrestling at the Impact Wrestling TV Tapings in Mexico City, Mexico last week. She defeated Kiera Hogan.

I don’t know how our correspondent missed it in his original report but I’m guessing alcohol on the Mexico road trip from California was a factor.

Our apologies to Dashwood, Hogan, and Impact Wrestling for our original report which said the match didn’t happen.