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NWA Crockett Cup Location And Date Announced

The NWA announced through their email newsletter that the Crockett Cup tag team tournament event will be held on 4/19/20 in College Park, Georgia at Gateway Center Arena.

NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis will defend against Marty Scurll on the show as well.

Tickets go on sale on 2/28/20. Email subscribers will be offered a pre-sale option on 2/27/20.

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Thunder Rosa Needs Help

Current NWA Worlds Women’s Champion and Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling International Princess Champion Thunder Rosa posted on her social media that she was involved in a hit and run accident yesterday.

She didn’t give an update on if she was physically hurt, but said she needs help to repair her car damages. She is selling her gear to raise money to get her car fixed.

The accident happened on a San Antonio, Texas highway and she was with her husband in the vehicle.

Rosa and her husband have incredibly charitable hearts. They do tons of charity work in their Texas community and always try to help others if they can. Rosa also has a great reputation of being kind and humble to fans. Hopefully some good karma comes back to her in return and fans can help get her car fixed. https://twitter.com/thunderrosa22/status/1228049477757526016?s=21

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NWA Powerrr Results 2/4/20: Thunder Rosa vs. Allysin Kay Rematch

NWA Powerrr results from Atlanta, Georgia at Georgia Public Broadcasting on 2/4/20 (taped last month):

For the second week in a row they stated a few minutes before 6:05pm. The theme song for Season 3 is now from Pantera.

The show opened with Joe Galli at the podium doing an interview with Tim Storm. Storm said he loves the fans because they’re family. Galli said Storm has a match with Thom Latimer next week and mentioned rumors that Storm is retiring. Storm said it’s not happening because this is a gift to be there and he has to beat Latimer. He vowed not to hit Kamille no matter what.

Latimer and Kamille came out. Latimer said no matter what happens Storm will not get another title shot at Nick Aldis.

Galli said he got word in his ear that Tim Storm’s mom was there and he introduced her to the crowd.

A man came out in drag dressed as an old woman with a walker pretending to be Storm’s mom to mock him. Storm said he didn’t know who the person was. He said he didn’t know if he should laugh or get angry and wondered who put the guy up to it. The man wouldn’t say and Storm walked away.

Matt Cross vs. Caleb Konley

TV Champion Ricky Starks was on commentary with Galli and Stu Bennett.

Cross got the pin in a much longer than usual match after the springboard cutter followed by the shooting star press. They shook hands after.

They showed a taped promo from Nick Aldis. It looked like he was in a home office. He said it’s been a week since he issued the money back guarantee challenge to Marty Scrull and he hasn’t heard back from Scrull. He said he is losing patience and wants to hear a reply said Scrull can even make him a counter offer. He said he wants an answer by Sunday in Baltimore (which is the ROH free show).

David Marquez did an interview with The Pope who was with The Dawsons. Pope said Kingston and Homicide blew their title opportunity chances and it doesn’t reflect well on them.

Kingston came out with his hands behind his back. He said he had weapons with him originally but The NWA told him to relax and wouldn’t allow it. He said nobody better disrespect Homicide because he’s like blood and family to him. He said he brought some new friends with him.

The Bouncers came out. Bennett mentioned they are from ROH. Pope challenged them to a fight in the ring.

The Bouncers blocked The Dawson from getting fully in the ring. The Pope looked concerned and retreated with The Dawsons to the locker room.

They showed a segment called “May Valentine’s Diary”. This was not good and she’s not good on the mic. I guess it’s supposed to make her like a clueless pro wrestling socialite and social media influencer (aka Alicia Atout). She recapped Royce Issacs’ matches from Hard Times and his most recent matches from this set of TV tapings so far. She said she made a new friend but a picture was shown of Kamille looking annoyed at her. She also said that she and Issacs are in love but footage showed them arguing as the segment ended.

Trevor Murdoch vs. NWA National Champion Aron Stevens (with The Question Mark)

They went to a 10-minute time limit draw. Question Mark was ejected early on. Murdoch gave Stevens the top rope bulldog and mock pinned him after it was over. Galli made it like Murdoch would have won if the time limit was longer.

Zicky Dice did a taped promo saying he’ll do anything outlandish that the fans want if The NWA YouTube page gets more subscribers.

They did a cool segment called Two-Minute Update with Sean Mooney like his old WWF Event Center segments in the 1980s. He plugged the ROH show, profiled Ricky Starks, and noted Melina wants a Women’s Title shot.

NWA Tag Team Champions Eli Drake and James Storm vs. Josephus and Mims

Storm pinned Mims after Drake fireman’s carry throw into a backstabber.

NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa vs. Allysin Kay

Melina sat at the announcers table but refused to do any commentary with Galli and Bennett.

Rosa got the pin after a hot shot and bridging school boy in a good TV match that was given several minutes.

Marti Belle came out and tried to interfere but Rosa didn’t want her at ringside. Ashley Vox and Tasha Steelz came out to prevent her from doing anything.

After the match, Rosa walked away from Melina and Belle as the show went off the air.

This show has booking and format problems. When it started, it was an hour or less each week that left you wanting more. The last few weeks have been an hour or more filled with bad comedy, several recaps of previous week’s matches and people doing the same promos saying the same stuff.

The convoluted title match stipulations that are starting to get monotonous.

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Title Change At 1/26/20 NWA Powerrr Tapings

Zicky Dice won the TV Title from Ricky Starks at the NWA Powerrr TV tapings in Atlanta, Georgia today. The tapings are still going on and if there are other title changes I will update this.

A couple of other notes:

Kamille wrestled and pinned Maddie Max after a spear. She still refuses to speak in interviews.

The Rock and Roll Express will once again be in The Crockett Cup in April.

There is tension between new NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa and Melina. She refuses to let Melina win the title from her by request. She will defend against Melina and Allysin Kay at The Crockett Cup in April.

Nick Aldis and Thom Latimer beat Marty Scrull and Brody King.

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NWA “Hard Times” PPV Results 1/24/20: Title Changes

NWA “Hard Times” results from Atlanta, Georgia at Georgia Public Broadcasting Studio at live on FITE https://www.fite.tv/watch/nwa-it-returns/2p57c/

Much of this show will feature the tournament to crown a new NWA TV Champion.

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett are the announcers and David Marquez is the ring announcer and interviewer as usual.

They said the first round and semifinals of the TV Title Tournament will be a 6:05 time limit. If there is a draw William Patrick Corgan, the referee, and Stu Bennett will be judges to declare a winner.

Trevor Murdoch vs. The Question Mark in a TV Title Tournament Match

Murdoch got the pin after two separate top rope bulldogs from different corners. The announcers said QM’s win streak was over but they put him over as tough because it took two finishers to get him down.

Zicky Dice vs. Dan Maff in a TV Title Tournament Match

Maff got the win but I didn’t see the finish because the feed went out briefly. The NWA and ROH working agreement is in full force as they announced Maff as representing ROH on the show.

Ricky Starks vs. Matt Cross in a TV Title Tournament Match

Starks got the pin after The Stoke.

David Marquez interviewed Tim Storm. They said Storm will receive a Tournament bye because Ken Anderson isn’t there. Galli said they got word that Anderson wasn’t medically cleared to compete tonight.

Bennett announced to the crowd that the Crockett Cup will return in April.

NWA World Tag Team Champions Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson vs. Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer vs. Eli Drake and James Storm

Drake pinned Morton with the Gravy Train to win the titles. Kamille repeatedly interfered for Latimer and Issacs and she kept messing with Gibson. Mae Valentine came out with Isaac but he immediately sent her to the back once they got to ringside.

Drake and Storm did a celebratory interview with Marquez after the match. Drake ran down a few team names that he and Storm could be called including “Drinking Buddies” which Storm seemed to like.

NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa won the title after the Thunder Driver in an excellent and emotional match. They were given lots of time and really did a great job of elevating the title.

They started out hot going right after each other in a slug fest. Kay stomped Rosa’s face in the corner then squashed her with a Northern Lights Suplex.

Rosa worked over Kay’s arm with painful looking submission holds.

Kay tried to give her a vertebreaker but Rosa turned it into a Canadian Destroyer.

Rosa locked in a satellite armbar but Kay turned it into a tombstone piledriver.

Kay caught Rosa off the top rope and gave her the AK-47 but Rosa kicked out.

Marti Belle and Melina came out to celebrate with Rosa after the match.

Galli said Rosa is the first Mexican born woman to win the title. (She’s only the second foreign born woman to hold the title. Yukiko Tomoe won it from The Fabulous Moolah in 1968 in Japan but Moolah won it back less than a month later. That title change was never recognized in the United States with the way international pro wrestling politics and Moolah politics were done in those days).

Marty Scrull came out for an interview with Galli. He said he’s there once again because he wants an NWA World Title shot and he’s not going away until he gets one. He spoke up for the fans and said Nick Aldis should put the title on the line tonight against Flip Gordon to give the fans a title match instead of it being non-title.

Aldis came out and said Scrull doesn’t run the place because it isn’t ROH. He agreed to put the title on the line against Gordon but told Scrull to leave the building. He said if he wins, then the business between The NWA and ROH will be done on his terms and not Scrull’s or Gordon’s. Scrull agreed if it meant Gordon would get a title shot.

Trevor Murdoch vs. Dan Maff in a TV Title Tournament semifinals match

Murdoch got the pin after the top rope bulldog.

Ricky Starks vs. Tim Storm in a TV Title Tournament Match

Starks got the win using a crucifix pin with a little over a minute in the time limit to spare.

National Champion Aron Stevens (with The Question Mark) vs. Scott Steiner

Steiner won by Disqualification when The Question Mark ran in and hit him just as he was about to submit Stevens in the Steiner Recliner.

Steiner clotheslined QM down after the match and put him in the Recliner. Stevens ran away back to the locker room and refused to help QM. Steiner threw the referee out of the ring in frustration over the decision.

NWA World Champion Nick Aldis vs. Flip Gordon

Kamille was not with Aldis since Scrull was required to leave the building.

Aldis got the pin by cradling Gordon from out of the corner and holding on to part of his tights.

Ricky Starks vs. Tevor Murdoch in the TV Title Tournament Finals

Starks got the pin after a spear and The Stroke to win the vacant title. This match had a no time limit stipulation because it was the finals.

The show ended right at 9:30pm EST. The women’s match was the best on the show and worth checking out. The tag titles match was good too. Nothing else was bad and the whole show moved at a quick pace. Two and a half hours was the perfect length. Starks walked right to the back after the main event and didn’t even do an interview as the show went off the air.

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NWA “Hard Times” Full Card On FITE 1/24/20

NWA “Hard Times” airs live tonight (1/24/20) at 7pm EST on FITE from Atlanta, Georgia at a sold out Georgia Public Broadcasting studio. It’s $20 and you can order here: https://www.fite.tv/watch/nwa-it-returns/2p57c/

Much of the show will feature the tournament to crown a new NWA TV Champion.

Tim Storm vs. Ken Anderson in a tournament match

Zicky Dice vs. Dan Maff

Trevor Murdoch vs. The Question Mark

Matt Cross vs. Ricky Starks

NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay vs. Thunder Rosa

NWA World Tag Team Champions The Rock and Roll Express vs. Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer vs. Eli Drake and James Storm

NWA World Champion Nick Aldis vs. Flip Gordon in a non-title match

Marty Scrull is also set to make an appearance.

The NWA will tape for NWA Powerrr at the same location on 1/25 (at 7pm EST) and 1/26 (at 3pm EST). The 1/25 tapings are sold out but there are a few tickets left for 1/26 here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nwa-powerrr-tapings-night-2-1262020-tickets-86711952785?aff=efbeventtix

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NWA Powerrr Ep. 14 Results

I am behind on a few things. Here are results of the NWA Powerrr episode that debuted on 1/14/20. Tonight (1/21) will be a special 90 minute go-home episode for the sold out “Hard Times” pay-per-view which takes place on 1/24 live on FITE https://www.fite.tv/watch/nwa-it-returns/2p57c/ They’re also calling it the Season 2 finale as more TV will be taped in Atlanta on 1/25 and 1/26.

David Marquez did an interview with NWA World Tag Team Champions The Rock and Roll Express. Ricky Morton did a tremendous babyface promo and said they always put the fans first no matter what. He said they paved the way for the young guys in the back. He said his team will win the 6-man main event tonight against Royce Issacs, Scott Steiner, and Thom Latimer that will get him a title shot at Nick Aldis.

Marquez wanted to know who their team will be. Robert Gibson said they don’t want to reveal it to keep the other side guessing until the time comes.

Joe Galli ran down the TV Title Tournament brackets which will take place on the ppv. Tim Storm vs. the winner of the Dawson vs. Dawson match on this episode, Ricky Starks vs. an open spot, Zicky Dice vs. an open spot, The Question Mark vs. the winner of Thom Latimer vs. Trevor Murdoch.

Marquez interview Zicky Dice and Ricky Starks at the podium together. They argued over who would win the TV Title.

Zane Dawson vs. Dave Dawson in a TV Title Tournament Qualifier

Zane pinned his brother after a knockout punch with the cast on his right hand as the referee was trying to separate them in the corner. He yelled out in pain and favored his arm after the match was over. Joe Galli and Stu Bennett wondered if he will be medically cleared for the ppv.

They showed separate backstage interviews with Colt Cabana and Ken Anderson about Anderson acting like a bitter loose cannon. Anderson seemed to be in denial about the whole thing.

Ashley Vox vs. Melina

Melina got the pin after the Primal Scream driving leg drop.

Galli interviewed Melina at ringside after the match. She said she and Thunder Rosa already beat everyone else so she wants a title shot at Allysin Kay. She said Kay needs to come out so she can say it to her face. Kay came out and said they could have a match right now. Melina told her it would be next week and walked away.

They showed the footage of Nick Aldis attacking Marty Scrull at the ROH show in Atlanta on 1/11. Aldis said Atlanta is his town, not Scrull’s. That followed up with Aldis, Kamille, and Thom Latimer taking over the ROH commentary broadcast on 1/12 in Concord, North Carolina until Flip Gordon and others ejected them from the building.

Aldis cut a promo outside the Concord venue and challenged Gordon to a match at Hard Times.

Marquez interviewed The Pope, Homicide, and Eddie Kingston. Pope said that he is not a manager, just a guy who advises and helps get opportunities. Homicide said his shoulder was fine but it was clearly taped up. Kingston said they’re ready to go. Pope said they’re not a Tag Team made up out of convince, they’re like blood brothers.

Homicide and Eddie Kingston (with The Pope) vs. Aron Stevens and The Question Mark (with a masked flag bearer)

Stevens pinned Homicide. Homicide was trying to give Stevens his finishing move but his shoulder “gave out” and Question Mark caught him with The Mongrovian Spike to allow Stevens to make the cover.

The Pope walked away and to the back looking disappointed in Homicide and Kingston for the loss.

A fake hotline commercial aired with Austin Idol calling himself a wrestling psychologist to teach people to get heat.

Aldis, Kamille, Latimer, Issacs, and Scott Steiner came out for an interview with Marquez before the main event. Aldis said when he came to America people warned him about snakes and backstabbing in the business but Steiner welcomed him. Steiner said he recognized that he’d be a future champion. Steiner had a belt with him that he said was an original NWA Tag Team Title before Ted Turner turned things into a WCW.

Scott Steiner, Royce Issacs, and Thom Latimer (with Nick Aldis and Kamille) vs. Robert Gibson, Eli Drake and Tim Storm

Gibson got the pin on Issacs as everyone else was fighting on the outside. As per the stipulation, Morton gets a title shot at Aldis on the 1/21 edition of Powerrr.

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NWA Powerrr Results 1/7/20

NWA Powerrr results from Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios on 1/7/20 (shows taped on 12/15/19 and 12/16/19): https://youtu.be/RHhLQ9lM6kk

The show opened with Joe Galli interviewing Tim Storm at the podium about the NWA TV Title Tournament. Storm said it would be a pleasure to hold any title in The NWA but the TV Title has the reputation of being the “work horse”. He said there are two “blind draw spots” in the tournament which could be anyone including a legend or someone from a different company.

Storm said he was disappointed that Nick Aldis didn’t want to face him in the tournament and used Royce Issacs as his substitute instead. He said the fans deserved to see the match and he hopes it can still happen.

Kamille came out and grabbed the mic from Galli with force. She looked like she was going to speak but held the mic to her mouth and arrogantly smiled at Storm but she didn’t talk.

Storm asked why she came out and not Aldis. He asked if Aldis was a coward. Kamille slapped him and he looked like he was going to explode but he never put a hand on her. She kept smiling and walked away.

David Marquez was out with Trevor Murdoch, The Dawsons, and Anastasia to pick more names for the TV Title Tournament. The Dawson Brothers will face each other next week, and Murdoch will face Thom Latimer.

Zicky Dice vs. Caleb Konley in a TV Title Tournament Qualifier

Dice got the pin after the snake rattle and royal neckbreaker with a 1:40 left in the 6:05 time limit.

Joe Galli had a pre-taped ringside at interview with NWA National Champion Aron Stevens and The Question Mark. Steven was calm and it was played in a serious tone compared to the usual promos from him. He said once again that they will go after the Tag Titles and he eventually wants to go after the World Title in addition to being National Champion.

Allysin Kay joined Galli and Stu Bennett at commentary.

Thunder Rosa vs. ODB

Rosa got the pin after a backstabber and the diving double stomp.

They aired a fake commercial with The Rock and Roll Express advertising a relationship advice hotline.

Nick Aldis came out for a interview with Galli. The fans were all over him and chanting “coward”. Kamille was not with him. He said she was no longer his insurance policy. He said she’s a member of Strictly Business and free to do what she wants.

Aldis said people didn’t think he wanted to be in the TV Title Tournament against Tim Storm because he couldn’t last the 6:05 time limit. He said that wasn’t the reason because he goes longer in the bedroom all night.

He said he will face Ricky Starks in a 6:05 time limit match to prove it and he wants to make someone a star tonight.

Nick Aldis vs. Ricky Starks in a 6:05 time limit Exhibition Match

They went to the time limit draw with Starks managing to hold on without tapping while Aldis had him in the clover leaf submission before time expired.

Ricky Morton came out and got on the ring. He said it was a great match and Aldis should give Starks five more minutes. He got the crowd to chant “5 more minutes”. Aldis teased that he would allow it but then said “no”.

Morton said if Aldis wouldn’t give Starks more time, then maybe he’ll give him five minutes instead. Aldis refused Morton’s challenge as well and walked out.

Colt Cabana and Ken Anderson vs. Eli Drake and James Storm

Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer were supposed to be in this match too to make it a 3-Way Match. The announcers said Aldis must have told them not to be involved now.

Drake and Storm won by Disqualification when Anderson shoved the referee. The announcers questioned Anderson’s temper at times and made him like he’s a “loose cannon”.

Strictly Business came out. Aldis said the reason why Issacs and Latimer weren’t in the match is because he has the power to give and take away. He said it wasn’t in their best interest to be in the match.

Aldis asked for Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson to come out. He told them they should settle things with a 6-man Tag Team Match. He said if Morton’s team wins, he’ll give him a title shot.

Morton said in his day the World Champion didn’t go five or six minutes, they went 60 minutes. He said he doesn’t play backstage politics like Aldis over title shots. He said he sticks up for the locker room and the fans. He accepted the challenge and said Aldis can put a team of stooges together and he and Gibson will find a friend.

Aldis said he didn’t want himself or Morton in the match so there is no excuses of who wins or loses. He said it will be Issacs and Latimer on his team, but he’s brought in an independent contractor as their partner.

Scott Steiner came out as their partner. He gave a high five with Aldis and they hugged as the show went off the air.

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NWA Powerrr Results 1/1/20

NWA Powerrr results from Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios on 1/1/20 (episodes taped 12/15 and 12/16):

The show opened with David Marquez talking to Tim Storm about the NWA TV Title Tournament and Nick Aldis turning on him. He said he will kick Aldis’ ass.

Aldis came out with Kamille. He and Storm sarcastically wished each other a Happy New Year. He gave a great cocky heel promo. He said he just entered the tournament for fun because there’s no one else left to defend the World Title against so he might as well have two belts.

He taunted Storm to lose his cool. Kamille got up close into Storm’s face and kept smirking at him but Storm kept his eyes on Aldis. He called Storm and Ricky Morton “Randy The Rams” which was Micky Rourke’s character in “The Wrestler” from 2008.

NWA National Champion Aron Stevens (doing his Shooter gimmick) beat Sal Rinauro in a non-title submission exhibition match. He used a cobra clutch that Stu Bennett called “The Mongrovian Clutch”. He refused to break the hold after and Trevor Murdoch ran in to make the save.

Stevens went over to complain to Marquez at the interview podium. He said Murdoch was unsportsmanlike. Murdoch said he doesn’t appreciate Stevens costing him the ppv match against The Question Mark or taking advantage of a “young kid”. They argued and Murdoch said he didn’t want a title shot, he just wanted to kick his ass.

Stevens said they could have a shoot match if Murdoch put his TV Title Tournament spot on the line. Murdoch agreed.

Trevor Murdoch beat Aron Stevens with an Indian Death Lock submission.

They showed clips of a conversation between The Pope, Eddie Kingston, and Homicide in a segment called Powerrr Surge. It will be coming soon to The NWA website. http://NationalWrestlingAlliance.com

A music video aired to plug the Hard Times ppv on Jan. 24 which is on FITE. The song of the same name was from William Patrick Corgan himself off of his new solo album “Cotillions”.

Eli Drake did an interview with Joe Galli. He said Nick Aldis is afraid to put the title on the line. He also called out Ricky Morton and said he needs to find a tag team partner and go after The Rock and Roll Express.

Colt Cabana came out and said he’s tired of Drake running people down. He turned down Drake’s offer to be his tag partner. He said he’s loyal to Ken Anderson as a tag team. They argued and Anderson came out to go after Drake but they were separated before anything could happen.

They showed conversations at ringside with Melina, Marti Belle, and Thunder Rosa gossiping about Allysin Kay. Kay, ODB, Ashley Vox, and Tasha Steelz were then shown talking about the heels. It’s for an upcoming website segment called “Girl Powerrr”. http://NationalWrestlingAlliance.com

Tasha Steelz pinned Marti Belle after a cutter. Melina was at ringside with Belle and she got in the ring after the match to yell at Belle for the loss.

Kyle Davis and Anastasia Fletcher picked names for an upcoming match in the TV Title Tournament. It will be Zicky Dice vs. Caleb Konley.

Tim Storm came out for the main event against Nick Aldis in the tournament.

Aldis came out with Royce Issacs, Thom Latimer, Kamille, and May Valentine to talk to Marquez. He said the name of their group is called Strictly Business. He said he’s not dressed to compete because he was in the tournament for fun and Storm isn’t making things fun for him any more. He said it’s not worth getting hurt over.

Storm ran out of the ring but was held back. He called Aldis a coward.

Aldis teased getting in the ring but then heeled everyone and walked back to the interview podium. He said it’s a New Year so he’s putting Storm behind him. He forced a reluctant Issacs to substitute for him.

Tim Storm pinned Royce Issacs after Perfect Storm in a TV Title Tournament Qualifier.

The show ended with The Rock and Roll Express appearing behind Aldis as he was reacting to Storm’s win. Morton told him not to turn his back on an opponent. He and Robert Gibson led the crowd in “rock and roll” chants as the show went off the air.

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