WOW Season Finale (Part 2) Results 11/23/19: Title Change

WOW on AXS TV results of Episode 2:12 from Los Angeles, California at The Belasco Theatre on 11/23/19 (taped May 2019):

The show opened with highlights of the previous episode with Adrenaline and Fire winning the WOW Tag Team Titles Tournament for the vacant belts over Hazard and Hazard to become new champions. They were immediately attacked by the new Exile stable (Malia Hosaka and two unnamed trainees) after the match.

A video feature was shown of WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard’s accomplishments in WOW. The Beast finally gets a title shot in the main event.

Holidead (with Siren The Voodoo Doll aka Nina Monet) vs. Princess Aussie

A video aired before the match of the ongoing supernatural situation between Siren, Holidead, and Aussie. The announcers said Siren has a special interest in this match.

Aussie came out as a total baby face with no signs of being possessed by the heels.

It was ruled a No Contest when The Psycho Sisters ran in and attacked Aussie right as she was going to pin Holidead after a frog splash.

Holidead and Siren joined Aussie to fight off The Psycho Sisters after the match and there was a big pull apart brawl.

They aired a video tribute to “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and announced his daughter, Teal Piper, will debut tonight.

WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard was in the ring with the locker room surrounding ringside. She was acting like her real self and not her heel character. She said she was lucky enough to be born in the pro wrestling business and started six years ago. She said others had to find a different path into the industry. She asked for WOW Owner Jeanie Buss to come into the ring.

Buss and David McLane entered the ring. Blanchard said some of the girls on the roster are teachers, models, and mothers that turned to professional wrestling and it was all possible because of Buss. She gave Buss a replica belt of the WOW Title and McLane put it around Buss’ waist.

Buss was surprised and had a huge smile on her face. She thanked everyone.

A video interview with Eye Candy (aka Willow Nightingale) aired. She talked about breaking her neck earlier this year on “an independent show on the east coast” (it was Beyond Wrestling). She was in a neck brace after surgery. This show was taped back in May. Nightingale has recently returned to indie action. She and Solo Darling were backstage at WWE shows this week.

Teal Piper debuted in an interview segment backstage called “Teal Talk”. The first guest was Stephy Slays. Piper was condescending and antagonist like her father was in his “Piper’s Pit” days. Slays eventually got frustrated and walked off.

They showed a recap of the Slays vs. Abilene Maverick feud.

“The Governor’s Daughter” Abilene Maverick (aka Barbi Hayden) vs. Stephy Slays

Maverick took a cheap shot and slapped Slays before the bell. Slays went into a rage and tackled her when the bell rang.

Slays reversed a Maverick power bomb attempt with a hurricanrana for the pin. Maverick looked shocked by the loss.

Maverick dominated most of the match with body slams aside from a couple of brief come backs from Slays. Slays was bleeding from her teeth after it was over.

Taped promos from Blanchard and The Beast aired to hype the main event.

Main Event – WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. The Beast

The Beast pinned Blanchard with a sit out power bomb to win the title.

Good match with a combination of fast pace and explosiveness. The Beast tossed Blanchard around with ease for the first couple of minutes. Blanchard took control after kicking The Beast in the leg.

WOW announced that they are going on tour in the Fall of 2020. Fans can vote on the WOW website to suggest the cities for these shows

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WOW Season Finale Results (Part 1) 11/23/19: Tag Champs Crowned

WOW on AXS TV results of Ep. 2:11 from Los Angeles, California at The Belasco Theatre on 11/23/19 (taped in May 2019):

The showed opened with video highlights of the previous matches in the WOW Tag Team Tournament for the vacant titles. The finals are this episode’s main event.

Siren The Voodoo Doll was in her ritual room doing magic over pictures of Princess Aussie. She said Aussie must choose a path and then placed a picture of Holidead down on the table. She laughed as lightning and thunder struck.

Razor, Fury, and Mezmeriah did a taped promo. They said they will be together in 6-man tag action and tried to intimidate their opponents.

Chantilly Chella, Sassy Massy, and Keta Rush were shown elsewhere. They were actually excited to face The Pyscho Sisters.

“The Psycho Sisters” Razor (Sarah The Rebel), Fury (aka Harlow O’Hara), and Mezmeriah (aka Salem Silva) vs. Sassy Massy (aka Alisha Edwards), Chantilly Chella (aka RayLyn) and Keta Rush

The Psycho Sisters definitely seem to be this generation’s version of Hollywood & Vine from the G.L.O.W. days.

Razor got the pin on Rush after a short clothesline. Fury and Mezmeriah took out Massy and Chella with power moves which sent them rolling out to the floor.

Razor cut a promo after and said the match was a message to whoever wins the WOW Tag Team Titles. She said they don’t care how big or small any team they have to face is.

The Disciplinarian (aka Ivory Robyn managed by Samantha Smart) vs. “The Pearl of the Philippines” Reyna Reyes (aka Gisele Shaw)

Reyes got the pin after the Sky Twister Press.

Smart interfered with the ruler but the referee saw it and took it away. Smart then brought out a second ruler from under the ring as the referee had his back turned. She tried to hit Reyes over the head with it as The Disciplinarian held Reyes. Reyes moved out of the way and Smart accidentally hit The Disciplinarian with it instead.

Reyes kicked Smart down to stop her from interfering any further just before the finish.

Havok and Hazard were interviewed backstage by Gabby Loren before the main event. Havok said they will do what they intended to do all along and cause destruction. Hazard said Fire and Adrenaline should consider forfeiting.

Adrenaline and Fire were then interviewed. They said nobody believed in them but they made it this far and they believe in themselves.

A video package was shown to hype WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. The Beast on the next episode (which is actually coming up next on AXS TV at 9pm EST).

A final hype video aired for the tournament finals coming up now.

Main Event – “Monsters of Madness” Havok (aka Jessicka Havok) and Hazard (aka Nevaeh) vs. Adrenaline (aka Diamanté) and Fire (Kiera Hogan) in the finals of the WOW Tag Team Tournament for the vacant titles

Ring announcer Shaul Guerrero said it’s a 30-minute time limit. David McLane said if it ends early they have a standby match to finish the hour.

Fire got the pin on Hazard with a sunset flip out of the corner to win the tournament and the vacant WOW Tag Team Titles.

David McLane came into the ring after the match and put the belts around their waists. He quickly left to let them celebrate as victory streamers came down over them.

Malia Hosaka and two other women immediately ran in the ring and attacked the new champions and sent them to the floor. Their t-shirts said “Exile” on them.

Hosaka got on the mic and said she has been exiled for her attitude, not having enough T&A, being too old, and for having tradition and respect. She said the other two women are her trainees but she never mentioned their names. She said she didn’t get into the business through a father or grandfather (referring to Tessa Blanchard) and did it by working her way up the ranks. She said anyone who wants to face them can step into the ring “old school” style.

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WOW Two Hour Season Finale And Marathon 11/23/19

AXS TV will run an all day marathon of WOW with replays of the previous 10 episodes from this season starting at 10am EST on 11/23/19.

It all leads up to TWO NEW back to back episodes of WOW from 8pm to 10pm EST, in what they’re calling the “season finale”. Those episodes will feature Havok and Hazard vs. Fire and Adrenaline in the finals of the WOW Tag Team Titles Tournament for the vacant titles, and WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. The Beast.

WOW taped for television back in September. There is no word yet on when, or if, those shows will air now that Anthem Sports and Entertainment owns and controls the network.

New Japan will be bumped from the line up this week as the WOW replays will continue until 2am EST followed by the AXS music lineup.

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WOW Results (Ep. 2:10) on 11/16/19

WOW on AXS TV results from Los Angeles, California at The Belasco Theatre on 11/16/19 (taped May 2019):

“The Governor’s Daughter” Abilene Maverick (aka Barbi Hayden) and The Disciplinarian (aka Ivory Robyn managed by Samantha Smart) vs. “The Bully Busters” Stephy Slays and Keta Rush

Slays pinned Disciplinarian after a sunset flip out of the corner in a chaotic finish as Maverick was going after Rush and all four were in the ring at the same time.

Smart hit Rush with the giant ruler from the outside. Maverick and Disciplinarian then isolated and double teamed Rush in their corner while taunting Slays to try and make the save. They even did a double team move similar to Demolition in the 1980s WWF, but of course it’s 2019, so Rush kicked out.

Rush was finally able to take the heels down with a side headlock take over on Maverick and a head scissors on Disciplinarian at the same time so she could make the tag to Slays.

Both baby faces double teamed The Disciplinarian for a bit before Slays took control on her own.

After the match, they showed the heels in the locker room. Maverick said she was quitting their team and walked out. The Disciplinarian said Maverick needs discipline.

A video recap was shown of the feud between The Dixie Darlings and Jessie Jones and Amber O’Neal.

Jessie Jones (aka Jessie Belle Smothers) and Amber O’Neal vs. “The Dixie Darlings” Jolene and Jolynn

Jones and O’Neal were introduced by ring announcer Shaul Guerrero as the tag team name “Southern Pride”.

Jones submitted Jolynn to the arm bar.

Jones and O’Neal mauled Jolene most of the match working over her arm to try to soften her up for the arm bar submission of Jones. They choked her in the corner with their legs each stretched out. Jolene was noticeably bleeding from the nose and make have suffered a broken nose.

Jolene managed to give O’Neal a DDT and made the hot tag to Jolynn. O’Neal tagged in Jones.

Jolynn got in a few quick moves on Jones, but then Jones grabbed her by the arm and snapped it against the top rope to set up the submission. O’Neal yanked the battered up Jolene off of the ring.

Jones cut a promo after and warned anyone else not to mess with their gear like The Dixie Darlings did or else they will “get their gears checked”.

Backstage, Lana Star told The Lioness to listen to her and do things her way. Lioness agreed without hesitation. Star said people will learn not to underestimate them.

They showed footage of the male ring rats accidentally costing Khloe Hurtz matches. She said they were fired.

The Lioness (managed by Lana Star) vs. “The All Natural” Khloe Hurtz (aka Katie Forbes)

Star cut a promo before the match. She said we are about to see a new Lioness. Lioness came out and sang a song in the ring with a couple of backup dancers behind her.

Hurtz came out by herself after firing her male entourage.

The Lioness got the pin after Star broke a small mirror over Hurtz’s head while the referee was distracted.

Hurtz dominated most of the match as Star looked on concerned. The announcers said the male ring rats probably could have stopped Star if they were there. They said Hurtz doesn’t have a lot of friends aside from probably “one 5-Star gentleman” (referring to RVD).

Triple Threat 3-Way Tag Team Elimination Match Main Event :

“Monsters of Madness” Havok (aka Jessicka Havok) and Hazard (aka Nevaeh) vs. Holidead and Siren The Voodoo Doll vs. Adrenaline (Diamanté) and Fire (aka Kiera Hogan) in the WOW Tag Team Titles Tournament

This whole thing is honestly confusing. It’s a one fall elimination match that they’re calling it the semifinals. One team will be eliminated and the other two will move on to the finals. Anyone can tag anyone in the match.

You usually see matches like this where first team to win the fall is the winner, or the eliminations keep going until there is only one team left as the winner.

Legendary NWA referee Charles “Scrappy” McGowan is at ringside as the special outside the ring referee. His son referee Jeff McGowan is in the ring.

Havok pinned Holidead after an Air Raid Crash.

Holidead and Siren are eliminated and it will be Havok and Hazard vs. Fire and Adrenaline in the finals next week for the vacant WOW Tag Team Titles.

Fire and Adrenaline were dumped to the floor toward the end of the match by their opponents. Both looked on terrified as the show went off the air.

With the confusing rules, there was no point for Fire and Adrenaline to make the save for anyone else in the match even if they wanted to. They’re the baby faces, but it came off like Havok and Hazard did them a favor by eliminating Siren and Holidead while they were indirectly saved from getting eliminated by being thrown down to the floor.

David McLane built up next week’s finals as a team of speed vs. a team of power.

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WOW Episode 2:09 Results 11/9/19

WOW on AXS TV results from Los Angeles, California at The Belasco Theatre on 11/9/19 (taped May 2019):

A video opened the show recapping the feud between Tessa Blanchard and Jungle Grrrl. Blanchard will finally defend against Grrrl in the main event tonight.

The Beast came to the ring. She wanted Lana Star and The Lioness to come to the ring after they cost her the title shot by interfering in the match against Jungle Grrrl. Star and Lioness were shown watching on the monitor and looking concerned.

After the break, Star and Lioness came to ringside. Star acted tough and told The Beast to never follow her out to her car again. She said she’s hurt and David McLane banned her from wrestling, but The Lioness can face her instead. She ordered Lioness to hit the ring.

The Beast vs. The Lioness

The Beast got the win in a quick squash after tossing Lioness around by the hair, a kick to the gut and a power bomb for the pin.

A video recapped the creepy situation with Siren The Voodoo Doll and Holidead apparently trying to possess Princess Aussie.

Serpentine (aka Thunder Rosa accompanied by Sophia Lopez) vs. Princess Aussie

Serpentine got the pin after the Serpentine Driver when Lopez tripped up Aussie from the outside.

After the match, Siren and Holidead came into the ring once again to surround Aussie. Aussie was afraid of them, and they seemed to want to intimidate her, but they did not harm her.

There was a refreshing moment early on as Aussie had trouble getting Serpentine over from out of the corner with a sunset flip. McLane actually politely pointed it out instead of covering it up like 99% of pro wrestling announcers do and they end up insulting the fans intelligence.

Lopez repeatedly interfered and pulled the hair of Aussie while Serpentine distracted the referee.

There was a cool spot as Aussie did a nice reverse crossbody block off the ropes and it looked like Serpentine drop kicked her but with knees right in the gut.

They took the time to do a nice video bio on ring announcer Shaul Guerrero. She ran down her family history. She said she’s been around pro wrestling her whole life. She said she didn’t realize she could do it until after her dad died. She said she’s still connected to him through wrestling. She said wrestling is her family and she found her place in wrestling as a ring announcer.

They showed clips of the last several weeks of the WOW Tag Team Titles Tournament for the vacant titles.

Havok and Hazard (aka Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh) vs. Chantilly Chella and Sassy Massy (aka RayLyn and Alicia Edwards)

Havok pinned Massy after the wheelbarrow cutter double team.

Havok caught Massy and Chella, as the each tried to give her a crossbody block, and gave them a fall away slam at the same time.

Guerrero interviewed Havok and Hazard in the ring. She said next week in the main event it will be vs. Siren and Holidead vs. Fire and Adrenaline in a Triple Threat elimination match for the vacant titles.

A video narrated by McLane aired really putting over the WOW Title. He said it’s the richest prize in women wrestling and he named all of the title holders in company history: Terri Gold (2x), Danger, Lana Star, Jungle Grrrl, Santana Garrett, and Tessa Blanchard (current Champion). There was one last hype to make the main event come off as an epic deal.

Main Event – Jungle Grrrl vs. WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard got the pin after The Magnum in a clean and clear victory.

Grrrl went right after Blanchard at the bell. They spilled out of the ring and brawled around ringside.

Grrl hit the Jungle Driver but did not go for the pin. She went up to the top rope to try to hit the splash but Blanchard rolled out of the ring. Grrrl came down to the floor with a flying axe handle attempt but Blanchard caught her with a kick of the way down.

Blanchard nailed Grrrl with the Diamond DDT but Grrrl kicked out.

The show ended with Blanchard holding the title high while Grrrl looked on stunned and disappointed.

Editorial Commentary:

In many ways WOW and the rebooted NWA are the real alternatives to WWE which has become an outdated product. Impact Wrestling continues to flounder creatively on AXS and AEW looks like it’s booked by a guy who gets his ideas based on what teenagers on Twitter and Reddit think is cool.

There is a lot of speculation on WOW’s future with AXS TV after Ed Nordholm lied to the press and public.

When Anthem Sports and Entertainment bought the network Nordholm said nothing would change short term in the programming lineup. Right after he said it, the AXS TV Fights crew was told they were being let go and LFA MMA was canceled. This week, Nordholm announced that they are bringing in Combate Americas as the new MMA content.

Forces within Impact Wrestling and an Illinois pro wrestling promoter (who is a sycophant of Impact) are trying to convince people at AXS to cancel WOW in favor of a new women’s wrestling show that would feature the Knockouts and women from the Illinois group’s roster if they get their way.

Anthem and Nordholm don’t seem to know or care that Scott D’Amore is doing a bunch of cronyism hiring on their dime with backstage producers and midcard talent.

Impact still looks like a bush league indie group. It’s hard to claim the Knockouts are the “#1 Women’s Division in pro wrestling” when their production values look like a cable access TV show compared to WOW’s slick and high energy offering. WOW leaves you wanting more after an hour while Impact drags at a dull two hours with a few matches surrounded by poorly scripted backstage segments in dim lighting.

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