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wXw Forced To Cancel USA Show

wXw out of Germany announced that they will not be coming to America for their 4/4/20 show during Wrestlemania Week in Tampa, Florida. The reason is due to President Donald Trump’s travel ban against European countries (expect the U.K.) for 30 days as a result the Coronavirus pandemic.

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wXw “16 Carat Gold” (Night 3) Results 3/8/20, Timothy Thatcher’s Final Show

wXw results of “16 Carat Gold 2020” tournament final night from Oberhausen, Germany 🇩🇪 at Turbinenhalle on 3/8/20:

Mike Bailey pinned Jurn Simmons with a driver in a semifinal match.

Cara Noir beat Eddie Kingston by submission in a semifinal match.

Women’s Champion Amale came out. She was supposed to face Melanie Gray this weekend but Gray is injured. Killer Kelly refuses the title chance because she feels she hasn’t earned it. She brought out Stephanie Maze as the challenger.

wXw Women’s Champion Amale pinned Stephanie Maze after the Champion Maker.

After the match, Alexander James shoved Melanie Gray and attacked Levaniel and Alpha Kevin. He asked Killer Kelly if she loves him or the people more. She walked away without giving an answer to add to more tension in their relationship. He’s a heel and she’s a babyface.

Timothy Thatcher and Yuki Ishikawa beat WALTER and Daisuke Ikeda when Thatcher used an armbar submission on Ikea. This is Thatcher’s last wXw event as he’s now under WWE contract.

Alexander Wolfe won the Shotgun Title over Avalanche (the champion) and Ilja Dragunov by pinning Dragunov after a powerbomb.

After the match, Abdul Kenan and Aytac Bahar attacked Wolfe. Lucky Kid came out to make the save. He then joined the other two in their attack and turned heel. Kid said he’s changed his name to Metehan and his new stable’s name is Ezel.

Jeff Cobb, Bandido, and Julian Pace beat Black Taurus, Puma King, and Hektor Invictus when Bandido pinned Hektor after the 21 Plex.

Cara Noir won the 16 Carat Gold 2020 tournament over Mike Bailey by submission.

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wXw “We Love Wrestling” Results 3/8/20

wXw results of “We Love Wrestling” from Oberhausen, Germany 🇩🇪 at Turbinenhalle on 3/8/20:

Scotty Davis and Anthony Greene beat Daniel Makabe and Rust Taylor when Davis pinned Greene.

Maggot, Prince Ahura, Norman Harras, and Oliver Carter beat Tarik, Tyson Dux, Sebastian Suave, and Brent Banks when Suave was pinned.

Marius Al-Ani pinned Chris Ridgeway with a driver.

Killer Kelly and Stephanie Maze beat Valkyrie and Baby Allison when Maze pinned Allison.

Alexander James beat Joe Gacy by choke submission.

New wXw Champions Absolute Andy and Jay Skillet beat Luke Jacobs and Ethan Allen when Jacobs was pinned after a double team finisher. Jacobs and Allen was the #1 con. Gauntlet match on the 16 Carat Gold (Night 2) show yesterday to earn this title shot.

Bobby Gunns, Norman Harras, Maggot, and Prince Ahura attacked Andy and Skillet after. Scotty Davis and Julian Davis made the save.

WALTER pinned Shigehiro Irie after a top rope splash.

There was a press Q&A. They wouldn’t say way David Starr is leaving but confirmed he is. (Everyone assumes it’s because of WWE’s increased influence and interest in the company). They said Killer Kelly and Valkyrie being at the show was a perk of the working relationship with WWE. They said they are aware content of other promotions like them could appear on WWE Network but didn’t know how the distribution logistics would work it does happen.

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wXw 16 Carat Gold (Night 2) Results 3/7/20

wXw results of “16 Carat Gold 2020” (Night 2) Tournament from Oberhausen, Germany 🇩🇪 at Turbinenhalle on 3/7/20:

Cara Noir beat Jeff Cobb by sleeper in a 2nd Round Match.

Eddie Kingston pinned The Rotation after the backfist in a 2nd Round Match.

Marius Al-Ani pinned Daniel Makabe in a non-tournament match. Al-Ani winning confused the crowd because Makabe won the Ambition 12 tournament early in the day and they expected him to keep the momentum going.

New wXw Tag Team Champions came out and said there will be a #1 con. Gauntlet Match made up of randomly paired tag partners to take place now.

Julian Pace and Puma King vs. Lucky Kid and Leon van Gasteren start it off…

King pinned Kid after his Powerbomb finisher. There was an “evil eye” graphic that appeared on the big screen to cause a distraction to lead to the finish.

Black Taurus and Avalanche are the next team out..

Taurus pinned King.

Tarik and Norman Harras are out next.

Taurus and Avalanche eliminated Tarik and Harras.

DJ Hyde and Levaniel are out as the new team

Avalanche pinned Hyde as Levaniel was doing a promo and not paying attention to the action.

Scotty Davis and Chris Ridgeway now in the match…

Davis pulled off an upset and pinned Taurus..

The next team is Ethan Allen and Luke Jacobs…

Allen and Jacobs win the match after a double team finisher on Davis. The they get a shot at the tag titles on the 3/8/20 show We Love Wrestling Show.

Alexander James beat Alpha Kevin by submission in a non-tournament match. Melanie Gray was in Kevin’s corner on crutches. After the match, James continued to beat on Kevin. Gray tried to fight him off with her crutches. Killer Kelly tried to intervene but James kicked away Gray’s crutches and hit Kevin with a chair.

Mike Bailey pinned Bandido after a fall away slam off the ropes in a 2nd Round Match. Fans threw money in the ring after.

Jurn Simmons pinned Shigehiro Irie after a piledriver in a 2nd Round Match.

Irie will face WALTER on the We Love Wrestling afternoon show on 3/8/20.

wXw World Champion Bobby Gunns pinned David Starr after an Emerald Fusion in a title vs. career match. The stipulation was, if Gunns got disqualified he would lose the title and anyone interfering on his behalf would be banned for 6 months.

Starr cut a tearful and thankful promo after. He insisted this wasn’t part of a storyline and he is legitimately leaving the company after 5 years.

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wXwNow Showcase Results 3/7/20

wXwNow Showcase results from Oberhausen, Germany 🇩🇪 at Turbinenhalle on 3/7/20.

wXwNow is the company’s VOD streaming service where all of these numerous events this weekend will appear on over the next few days.

Carnage beat Mexxberg. Carnage is one to watch as a potential future star. Both were representing Wrestling Kult in the match.

Rizo pinned Kaiden after a knee shot. Both were from Triple W out of Spain.

British Empire Wrestling Shooting Star Champion Lexa Valo beat BEW Women’s Champion Kat Von Kaige by submission. The women’s title was not on the line.

CZW World Champion Joe Gacy pinned Anthony Greene after a lariat. They were representing CZW based of course in America.

CZW owner DJ Hyde announced CZW will have a show in Frankfurt, Germany on November 14, 2020.

Peter Olisander won a 3-Way Match over Emeritus and Michael Fynne by pinning Fynne. All were from Bodyslam Wrestling based in Denmark.

Rising Sun Wrestling Champion Nicolo Inverardi pinned Luca de Pazzi. Both are from Rising Sun in Italy.

Tarik won a 4-Way Match over Tyson Dux, Sebastian Suave, and Brent Banks by pinning Suave. All four are from SMASH Wrestling out of Canada.

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wXw Ambition 12 Results 3/7/20

wXw results of their Ambition 12 tournament from Oberhausen, Germany 🇩🇪 at Turbinenhalle on 3/7/20:

The rules are submissions, knockouts, TKO and referee stoppage. This is the tenth year of these “shoot wrestling” style events. The first one in 2010 was won by Bryan Danielson (aka Daniel Bryan) beating Johnny Moss in the finals.

Daniel Makabe beat Kevin Lloyd by STF submission.

Chris Ridgeway beat Vincent Hisenberg with a knockout kick.

Rust Taylor beat Tyson Dux by grounded trapped arm submission.

Scotty David beat Mike Bailey by TKO after repeated strikes.

Ethan Allen beat Luke Jacobs by submission in a Next Generation Fight non-tournament bout.

Intermission with the semifinals of the tournament to follow.

Daniel Makabe beat Scotty Davis by referee stoppage when he had Davis in a Carlson Gracie choke.

Chris Ridgeway beat Rust Taylor by knockout kick.

Daisuke Ikeda beat Yuki Ishikawa by knockout in a stiff classic with all kinds of punches, chops, and head butts in a Super Fight non-tournament bout.

Daniel Makabe beat Chris Ridgeway by Cattle Mutilation submission in the finals to win the tournament.

wXw 16 Carat Gold 2020 (Night 2) takes place at 3pm EST. I’ll be watching EVE Riot Grrrls live on FITE at the same time. This will be a very busy day and night of action with STARDOM, Tokyo Joshi, and AAA taking place this evening.

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wXw 16 Carat Gold (Night 1) Results 3/6/20

wXw results of Night 1/First Round of the “16 Carat Gold 2020” tournament from Oberhausen, Germany at Turbinenhalle on 3/6/20:

Rust Taylor won a 4-Way Match over Hektor, Scotty Davis, and Levaniel. If someone is unable to continue in the tournament then Taylor will be their substitute for winning this match.

Mike Bailey pinned Chris Ridgeway in a 1st Round Match.

Jurn Simmons pinned Lucky Kid after a piledriver in a 1st Round Match.

The Rotation pinned Puma King after a 450 Splash in a 1st Round Match.

Eddie Kingston pinned Daniel Makabe after the back fist in a 1st Match.

Bandido pinned Julian Pace with a overhead slam off the ropes in a 1st Round Match.


Shigehiro Irie pinned Black Taurus with the Beast Bomber in a 1st Round Match.

Jeff Cobb pinned Alexander James after the Tour of the Islands in a 1st Round Match.

Cara Noir beat Marius Al-Ani with a sleeper by referee stoppage with the Blackout Sleeper in a 1st Round Match.

wXw Tag Team Champions Maggot and Prince Ahura defend against Absolute Andy and Jay Skillet in the main event.

Skillet and Andy won the titles after attempted interference by Bobby Gunns and Norman Harras backfired when they tried to use the tag belts as weapons.

This will be a hectic weekend on Wrestling… with Demons!

Tomorrow it’s wXw 16 Carat Gold (Night 2), EVE Riot Grrrls live on FITE TV, Rev Pro (if I get the results sent in), Tokyo Joshi Pro live on DDT Universe, STARDOM live on YouTube and AAA live on Twitch.

Sunday it’s wXw Night 3 and WWE Elimination Chamber.

And of course that’s not everything, just the big stuff going on the next couple of days.

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wXw “Inner Circle” Results 3/5/20

wXw results of their “Inner Circle” event from wXw Academy in Essen, Germany 🇩🇪 on 3/5/20:

It’s a surprise card lineup. Nobody knows that matches until they’re announced. This show is the kickoff to the “16 Carat Gold 2020” long weekend which goes from 3/6/20 to 3/8/20 in Oberhausen at Turbinenhalle.

Julian Pace pinned Rust Taylor after a Best Moonsault Ever.

Avalanche pinned Goldenboy Santos after the Dreissker Bomb.

Marius Al-Ani won a 4-Way Match over The Rotation, Vertigo, and Hektor by pinning Vertigo.

Jay Skillet pinned Levaniel.


Killer Kelly pinned Stephanie Maze after the Vale da Morte. Maze was trained by Alex Wright and Hektor.

Shigehiro Irie pinned Scotty Davis after the Beast Bomber.

The main event is Daniel Makabe and Chris Ridgeway vs. Yuki Ishikawa and Daisuke Ikeda.

Ikeda and Ishikawa get the win when Ikeda pinned Ridgeway.

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wXw 19th Anniversary Show Results 12/14/19, Title Changes

wXw results of their 19th Anniversary event from Oberhausen, Germany 🇩🇪 at Turbinenhalle on 12/14/19:

Oliver Carter beat The Rotation.

Jay Skillet won the Shotgun Title in a 4- Way Match over Absolute Andy, Avalanche (the champion), and Veit Muller by pinning Andy.

Leon van Gasteren and WALTER (a surprise substitute for the injured Julian Pace) beat Tag Team Champions Prince Ahura and Maggot after a powerbomb by WALTER and a Frog Splash by Gasteren on Ahura for the pin in a non-Title Match.

Killer Kelly won a 4-Way Match over Skye Smitson, Roxxy, and Baby Allison by pinning Smitson.

Marcel Barthel inducted Robby Brookside into the wXw into the wXw Hall of Fame.

Alexander James pinned Jurn Simmons in a Singapore Cain Match. Killer Kelly got involved out of concern and James rammed her into Simmons as the finish. The stipulation was the loser had to get hit with the cain 10 times.

Women’s Champion Amale pinned Meiko Satomura after the championmaker.

Lucky Kid beat Cassius Ohno by submission.

Bobby Gunns won the Unified Title over David Starr, Timothy Thatcher (the champion), and IIja Dragunov when Norman Harras came out caused distraction as Starr was about to win the match. Dragunov was added into the originally planned 3-Way to make it a 4-Way.

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wXw 19th Anniversary Lineup 12/14/19

wXw will hold their 19th Anniversary show in Oberhausen, Germany at Turbinenhalle on 12/14/19:

Unified Champion Timothy Thatcher vs. David Starr vs. Bobby Gunns

Shotgun Champion Avalanche vs. Absolute Andy vs. Veit Muller vs. Jay Skillet

Women’s Champion Amale vs. Meiko Satomura

Tag Team Champions Prince Ahura and Maggot vs. Leon van Gasteren and Julian Pace

Alexander James vs. Jurn Simmons in a Singapore Cane Match

Killer Kelly vs. Roxxy vs. Skye Smitson vs. Baby Allison

Robby Brookside will be inducted into theHall of Fame by Marcel Barthel.

The show will air a few days later on their wXw Now streaming service.

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